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Individual and Family Donors of $250 to $999, continued

Mr. and Mrs Michael D. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. David Jerde Ms. Carol A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson Mr Gregory Johnson Ms. Helen H. Johnson and Ms. Jolene K.

Fluegge Mr. and Mrs. Jim Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John and Alice Johnson Ms. Lois Johnson Ms. Pamela Johnson Ms. Rachel E. Johnson and Mr. Thomas

L. Hamlin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson Mr. Robert Johnson and Ms. Bonnie

Young Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Johnson Mrs. Sally Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson Mr. Wayne C. Johnson Mr. Wayne Johnson Mr. and Mrs. William A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Jones Dr. Heidi L. Joos MD and Ms. Ivy B. Booth Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Jorgensen Mr. Marcel Jouseau and Yung Kang Jouseau Ms. Patricia S. Juaire Mr. Michael G. Julkowski Mr. and Ms. Larry A. Kaasa Mr. Roger W. Kaercher Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kain Dr. and Mrs. James W. Kalb Mr. and Mrs. James G. Kaloides Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Kammermeier Mr. Michael R. Kangas Mr. Wayne Kaniewski Mr. Steven Kantner Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Kapsner Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Karels Mr. Roger W. Karlson Dr. and Mrs. Bert Kasiske M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Kassan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Kastel Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kaufman Ms. Patricia H. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kawalek Ms. Mary Keefer Mr. and Mrs. William J. Keegan Ms. Ashley Kees and Ms. Mary Kees Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keith Ms. Mary H. Keithahn Ms. Audra Keller Ms. Carrie L. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Kelley Ms. Joan Kelly Ms. Mary M.Q. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Patrick N. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kelly Mr. Thomas J. Kelley and Ms. Kathleen

A. Stack Mr. Warren P. Kelly Mr. Griff Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kepner Ms. Marilyn M. Kern Mr. Thomas A. Kestner Ms. Susan Kiefer Mr. and Mrs. David Kiewatt Ms. Mary Leah Kimmes Mr. Don Kincaid Mr. Mehmet F. Kinoglu and Ms. Barbara

Davis Mr. Andrew Kiragu Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kirchner Mr. John Kirchner Ms. Judy Y. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Kirscher Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kirscht Ms. Michelle Klegon Dr. Karen L. Klein MD Mr. Robb C. Kline Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Kloker

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Knapp Ms. Marybeth A. Knoll K. C. Knutson Dr. and Mrs. Anders M. Knutzen MD Ms. Karen A. Kobey Ms. Karen Kobey - West Mr. and Mrs. Donald Koch Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Kohler Mr. Bruce Earl Kolcinski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koop Mr. Stephen A. Korducki and Ms. Joyce

M. Buss Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kothbauer Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kottke Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Kozloff Mr. James J. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Krantz Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Krebs Mr.and Mrs Michael J. Krejci Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kreuter Ms. Anne Krmpotich and Mr. Robert

Marolt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kronholm Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Kudelka Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Joanne Kuebler Mr. and Mrs. David Kuhnau Mr. Joseph Kurcinka Mr. Larry La Bonte and Ms. Kathryn Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Labrosse Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lach Ms. Susan M. Lach Tom and Marie LaForce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lallier Mr. Paul Lamb Mr. David Lange and Ms. Nancy Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Beverly Larsen Ms. Vivian E. Larson, Ms. Lynne M.

Addison and Mr. Dean R. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Larson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Larson Ms. Shirley Mae Lathrop, Mr. Richard J.

Rivet and Mr. Steven Rivet Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Laufenberg Mr. Gil Lautenshlager Mr. Steven L. Law Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lawrence III Mr. and Ms. Al and Kathy Leach Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Leifheit Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lennon Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lennox Joseph and

Brenda Lenz Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Leppert Mr. Peter B. Levine and Ms. Trish la Plante Ms. Nancy L. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Lewis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Ley Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lien Ms. Lora J. Liimatta Ms. Vera Likins Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Lillyblad Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Lindberg Ms. Marsha K. Linden and Ms. Lynne L.

Richmond Ms Valerie Lindstrom Ms. Ronna S. Linroth Mr. and Mrs. Serge Litkewitsch Mr. Clinton Little Ms. Barbara Little Mr. Paul Livgard Ms. Suzann Lnu Mr. and Mrs. George W. Loahr Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lockwood Mr. Hans Loedolff Ms. Doris K. Loes Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Loken Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Long Mr. and Mrs. Brian Long Mr. Woody Love Mr. David Lubbers Mr. Brent T. Lucas Mr. Mark Ludwig Mr. Jeffrey Lueth

Mr. Robert J. Lukes Mr. and Mrs. William Lund Mr. Jonathan Lundberg Mr. Van Luoma and Ms. Melanie Banta Mr. and Mrs. C. William Lutterman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lyman Mr. Michael Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Lynner Mr. and Mrs. John Lyons Ms. Mary Lystad and Ms. Louise

Lystad-Testen Mr. and Mrs. John MacDougall Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Machacek Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mack Mr. and Mrs. John W. Macke Mr. Reed K. Mackenzie Mr. and Mrs. James D. Madison Mrs. Deborah B. Madson Mr. and Mrs. John Magdsick Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Maglich Mr. and Mrs. Peter Magnuson Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Maguire Ms. Maureen Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Marc Manderscheid Ms. Danielle Manella Ms. Joyce D. Manning Mr. Edward Maranda Mr. and Mrs. Ray Marble Ms. Kelly M. Marchwick Ms. Shirley Marcus Mr. Stephen F. Marincel and Ms. Gaye L.

Sorenson Mr. Donald C. Mark Jr. Mr. James Marquardt Ms. Ann Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Marti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin Mr. Monty L. Martin and Ms. Debra

Joanne Drew Ms. Shannon M. Marting and Mr. David

R. Senf Sandy and Arthur Matas Mrs. Margaret V. Maxwell Mr. Jon Mayer Mr. Robert Mayrand Mr. Michael Mazanet Dr. and Mrs. David G. McAlpine Ms. Susan McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. McCarthy Ms. Karen McCarthy Mr. Robert McCauley Mr. and Mrs. Dave S. McCord Ms. Andrea McCormack Mr. and Mrs. William McDonald Ms. Leslie LeMire McDonnell Mrs. Mary H. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Paul McDougall Mr. and Mrs. Chris McGlince Mr. and Mrs. Roger McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Jack McGowan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McGrath Mr. O. Bernard McGuire Ms. Mary McLeod Ms. Anne E. McManus Ms. Elaine McMaster and Ms. Carol

McMaster Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McNamara Ms. Trina McNeely Ms. Barbara M. McQuillan Mr. and Mrs. David M. McQuoid Ms. Sandy McWilliams and Mr. Paul Wilson Ms. Sarah Meek Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meisterling Mr. and Mrs. James Mengelkoch Mr. Dave Merrifield Ms. Antoinette M. Merth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Messersmith Mr. and Mrs. Josef A. Mestenhauser Mr. and Mrs. L. Cecil Metz Ms. Lynn Metz Mr. Alan G. Meuwissen

Residential Care Facilities

Alpha Human Services, Inc. American Indian Services Inc.

American Indian Housing & CDC Anishinabe akaigun Ascension Place Beechwood, Inc. Brown County Evaluation Center Central MN Mental Health Damascus ay Re-Entry Center Green House Recovery Center Harmony House of Pierz Hearthstone of Minnesota Eagan Golden alley Minnetonka Russell Somerset Zenith Heartland Girls Ranch Hiawatha Mano , Inc. Eternity House Pipestone Home of the Good Shepherd RoseCenter ellsprings Living Center Hope Haven, Inc. 3rd Avenue SW 3rd Street SW 7th Avenue SW Trosky Road Housing Coalition of St. Cloud Leo A. Hoffmann Center Life Time Transition, Inc. 5600 House 5608 House 5810 House 5820 House 9206 House 9210 House 1005 House McLeod Treatment Programs Franklin House Porchlight Residence Prism House Sheppard House Meeker County Community Homes

4th Street Armstrong Avenue Marshall Avenue Midwest Challenge, Inc. Columbus I Columbus II Park Minnesota een Challenge 1st Avenue 2nd Avenue Portland Avenue Mount Olivet Rolling Acres, Inc.

Bloomington Richfield Victoria New Hope Center New Life Treatment Center The Nu- ay House, Inc.

1st Avenue I 1st Avenue II Omegon, Inc.


oodlands, Inc.

People Incorporated

Prairie Community Services

Applewood Home Cherrywood Home Eastwood Home Inglewood Home Knollwood Home Sandalwood Home alewood Home estwood Home illow Home indwood Home


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