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Individual and Family Donors of $250 to $999, continued

Mr. Michael C. Meyer Ms. Lynn Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Michaelson and Ms.

Debra Lund Mr. Walter Michels Lynn Middleton-Koller Mr. and Mrs. Terry B. Mikkelson Tim and Mary Miley Mr. and Mrs. William P. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Miller Mr. Michael A. Miller Mr. Michael Miller Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Keichi Mizuno Mr. Warren Moe Mr. Curtis L. Moe and Ms. Kathy L. Harker Ms. Lynn A. Moline Mr. Charles Moline Mr. Charles E. Moore Mr. Jack D. Moore Ms. Robyn Moravetz Mr. and Mrs. Mark Moret Mr. Theodore Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Russ G. Morkrid Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Morris Ms. Ann H. Morrissey and Mr. Bruce

Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. George W. Morse Ms. Jenifer A. Moses Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Muchow Mr. and Mrs. James R. Muckerheide Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Mulcahy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Mulcahy Mr. and Mrs. Mark Munich Nan Upin Murphy Mr. Jerry E. Nadeau Mr. Robert Nardi Mr. David Narr Mr. Charles N. Nauen and Pati Jo Pofahl Ms. Varda Nauen and Mr. Jeffrey L. Burton Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Nelson Mr. Gaius G. Nelson Ms. Mary Nelson Mr. Michael A. Nelson Mr. Paul E. Nelson Mr. Eugene M. Nelson Ms. Diane F. Nelson Mr. Kirk O. Nelson Mr. Reed Nelson Ms. Shirley O. Nelson Mr. Delano R. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Nerland Mr. and Mrs. Elmo V. Ness Mr. Mark K. Nestegard Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Nielsen Ms. Ardis Nier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Noble Mr. Loren Noomen Mr. Mervin l. Nordstrom Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norgard Mr. Richard L. Notermann Mrs. June M. Webb-Notermann Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nowak Ms. Edith M. Nowicki Ms. Doreen Nystedt Mr. William O’Dowd and Mr George D.

Zilligen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oebser Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Oettinger Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ogren Ms. Linda M. Ojala Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. O’Leary Mr. Karl I. Olmstead Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Olsen Ms. Phyllis E. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Olsen Ms. Cheryl Olseth and Mr. James Empson Mr. and Mrs. James L. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Olson Ms. Carolyn J. Olson


Ms. Michelle J. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Olson Mr. Thomas Olson Mr. and Mrs. Colin O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Oolman Mr. Howard Orenstein and Ms. Barbara

A. Frey Mr. Paul R. Orman Ms. Paula Osborn Mr. John Osborn Ms Nancy Oshea Mr. and Mrs. John C. O’Shea Mr. and Mrs. David W. Osten Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Mary Ostlund Mr. Hans George Othmer Mr. Murray Riley Owens Jr. Mr. Arthur Page Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Paidosh Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pallas Mr. Timothy A. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Papke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paschke Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Lois Patten Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Patterson Dr. and Mrs. William Payne Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pelto Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pennington Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Pertz Mr. Marvin J. Pertzik Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Peskar Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Petersen Mr. Earl A. Peterson Ms. Karin M. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Peterson Mr. Neal Peterson and Ms. Deanna A.

Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Peterson Mr. Phillip M. Peterson Mr. Thomas Pfeil Ms. Polly S. Pfost Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Phelan Mr. Dennis L. Philiph Mr. Brian Phillips Mr. Donald Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Pierre Dr. and Mrs. Loran F. Pilling MD Mr. and Mrs. Chester Piotrowski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pirro Mr. Thomas A. Pohlman Ms. Elizabeth K. Polome Ms. Beth Polozker Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Pontius Ms. Leila Poullada Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Prager Ms. Cynthia Pratt Mr. Greg Prescher Nick and Judy Priadka Ms. Deborah J. Priem Mr. Ronald B. Prieve Mr. Guy Pucci Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Pults Mr. John Quigley Mr. John T. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Radel Ms. Mary Pat Raimondi Ms. Judie L. Randall Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Rapp Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ratelle Mr. Edward Ratner Mr David Reamer Mr. and Mrs. David Reamer Mr. and Mrs. Dean Redmann Mr. Edward W. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Pierre N. Regnier and Pady

F. Regnier Mr. Charles Rehman Mr. George J. Rerat Mr. and Mrs. Erik T. Reseland Ms. Mary Reuland Ms. Marisa L. Reyes-Johnson and Mr.

Adam Johnson Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Reynolds

Ms. Barbara Rheaume Mr. and Mrs. James Rice Mr. Charles R. Rich Mr. James M. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Richards Mr. and Mrs. William E. Richards Mr. Robert Richman and Ms. Kristin

Beckmann Mr. Roderick Riese Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ringgenberg Ms. Dorothy L. Ritter Ms. Emma B. Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Roberts MS. Candace Roberts Mr. Peter J. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop A. Rockwell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Roeh Mr. Brian Roeker Ms. Deborah Roesler and Mr. John E.

Kephart Mr. James R. Rognas Mr. and Mrs. William Rohde Mr. Richard J. Rohrer and Ms. Sonja

Hutchinson Mr. Phillip B. Rolfe and Ms. Laura L.

Kranstover Mr. and Mrs. Merrill D. Ronning Ms. Barbara Rose and Mr. Charles O. Lentz Ms. Kathryn Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Hyman L. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. David Rosga Ms. Anna Ross and Ms. Ruth Ross-Hansen Ms. Jennie J. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Rossbach Mr. and Mrs. Steven Roth Mr. Peter A. Rother Ms. Ilene Rubowitz MD Ms. Susan Rudrud and Mr. Thomas

Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. James Rummel Ms. Marjorie Rusch Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ruschmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Russell Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rydberg Mr. Gerald Rygh Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Sachs Mr. Thomas Sagisser Ms. Catherine A. Sailer and Ms. Nancy

Niedermaier Mr. and Mrs. David Sailer Mrs. Elaine Saltvold Ms. Margaret M. Samec Ms. Amy Samelian Ms. Vicki Samuelson Ms. Linda L. Sand Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Sapieszko Mr. Charles R. Sargent Mr. William Satzer Jr. and Ms. Joyce A.

Mitchell Ms. Terasa Schacht Mr. Eric W. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Schaffer Ms. Linda Schaffhausen and Mr. Russ

Kopp, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schelitzche Dr. Sam C. Scher Ph.D Ms. Monica A. Schierbaum Ms. Peggy Schierl Mr. and Mrs. Jason Schlukebier Ms. Barbara Schmieg Mr. James Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery A. Schmitz and Ms.

Nancy Cuno-Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Schmoker Mr. John L. Schneider Mr. Charles Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schnell Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Scholz Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Schroeder Ms. Dorothy A. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. William R. Schroeder

Residential Care Facilities, continued

Presbyterian Family Foundation

11th Ave. 13th St. 7th St. 816 Pleasant View SW 16th St. Prodigal House, Inc. Prodigal House Heilman House Progress alle , Inc. 78th Street Garfield Rakhma, Inc. Grace Home Joy Home Peace Home Restart, Inc. 614 House Elliot House Girard House Kathy’s Place Minnehaha House

Regent House The Villa The Retreat RS Eden

Eden House Reentry Ashland

Reentry Metro



Safe Haven Shelter For


Dublin House Franklin House Irving House Steven House Sheriffs outh Program Isanti Group Home St. Cloud Group Home Swift County Homes, Inc. 4th Street Oregon Stone Unity House Vinland National Center The Vintage Place, Inc. Albemarle I Albemarle II ayside House, Inc. Incarnation House Park Center ingspan Life Resources 1250 Hoyt 1489 Hoyt 16th Ave. 34th St. 91-1/2 St. Atlantic Bordner Colfax McLean Portland Place Rowe Troseth entworth oodbridge ork

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