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Individual and Family Donors of $250 to $999, continued

Mr. David G. Schulte Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Schurb Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Schurig Mr. Kurt Schuster Mr. Stanley Schweitzer Ms. Mary S. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Robbie C. Seals Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Searles Mr. Charles Selcer Ms. Victoria Selep Mrs. Helen Severud Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sewell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seybold Ms. Sharon Shapiro and Dr. Norman

Silberberg Mr. and Mrs. Vibhu Sharma Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sharpe III Mr. Dean Shea Ms. Mary Anne Sheldon Ms. Sue Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sherburne Ms. Vicky Sherman Ms. Julie Sherman Mr. and Mrs. David S. Shields Ms. Barbara Shiels and Mr. Frank A. Preese Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shier Mr. Bruce Shirley Ms. Sonja Short and Mr. Michael Vraa Ms. Anne Shortall Ms. Janine M. Shovein Ms. Carolyn M. Shrewsbury Ms. Genevieve Shubitz Ms. Kathryn Sikkink Ms. Deanna Siliciano Mr. Paul J. Silk Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Silver Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Simmer Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Simonson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Simpson Ms. Cecilia Kotz Simpson and Mr. David

Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Singer Mr. and Mrs. David A. Sipfle Mr. and Mrs. E. Roger Sjovall Mr. and Mrs. John P. Skalbeck Ms. Bonnie L. Skelton and Mr. Thomas

S. Fraser Ms. Jean Slattery Mr. and Mrs. James and Jean Slattery Mr. and Mrs. James Slattery Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Smith Mr.And Mrs. Samuel Smith Mr. Steven Smith Mr. Douglas Smith and Ms. Beatrice

Smith Schneider Ms. Jean B. Smith Ms. Maureen Smith Mr. Dean Smith Mr. Justin M. Smith Ms. Sarah J. Snapp and Christian Davis Mr. Dale C. Snover and Ms. Catherine

L. Heibel Mr. and Mrs. John O. Soderlund Mr. John S. Sokalski and Ms. Cheryl Y.

Laurent Ms. Cynthia Anne Sorenson Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Spaen Ms. Yvonne Sparrowgrove Ms. Kristine M. Spiegelberg Ms. Elsie M. Spillman and Ms. Mary C.

Kressman Mr. and Mrs. Clayton G Spranger Ms. Rosemary A. Stage Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stalberger Mr. and Mrs. Rick Standish Mr. Joseph Stanley and Ms. Lori Zook-

Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Stanley Mr. John Stanoch Mr. Mark D. and Mrs. Wendy A.

Stansbury - O’Donnell Ms. Jane Steck Mr. and Mrs. Terryl Steen

Mr. and Mrs. David Steichen Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stein Ms. Irene G. Steiner Ms. Ann Marie Stephenson Ms. Jane Sternberg Mr. Mark L. Sterner and Thaworn

Phanthong Mr. Timothy Stoddart Ms. Jill Stoltenberg and Mr. Paul Walker Mr. N. Stewart Stone Ms. Patricia A. Stone Mr. David Stovall Mr.and Mrs. Neil and Anna Strain Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Strand Mr. and Mrs. James E. Strand Mr. Ralph Strangis and Mr. Samuel Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Strate Mr. John Streed Mr. Rupert Strobel Mr. and Mrs. Vernon D. Strom Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Strommer Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stucker Mrs. Linda E. Stuttgen Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sullivan Mr. Patrick L. Sullivan Ms. Mary Rae Sunderland Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sundstrom Mr. Jan Henry Susee and Ms. Patricia L.

Susee Ms. Susan Suydam Mr. Mark Svobodny Mr. Donald Swanson and Mrs. Wildie J.

Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Alex Swearingen Sheila

Sweeney L. J. Szymanski Mr. and Mrs. Todd F. Taggart Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tahnk-Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James D. Talley Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Hindy Tankenoff Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tarabek Mr. and Mrs. John A. Tauer Jr. Ms. Ruth A. Taylor Ms. Mildred C. Templin Ms. Nancy J. Tennessen Mr. Lyle W. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Oliver N. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Thomas Ms. Joan C. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Thedore R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Travis Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James R. Throckmorton Mr. and Mrs. John Thurmes Ms. Marie A. Tirado Mr. Randolph M Tolmie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tomb Ms. Lois Torvik Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Marcelle J. Tracy Ms. Carolyn Tracy Mr. James W. Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Matt E. Trautman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troemel Ms. Joanne Tromiczak-Neid Ms. Sharon Trout Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tschida Mr. John Tschida and Ms. Linda Manders Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Turba Mr. and Mrs. Owen Turnlund Emily

Anne and Gedney Tuttle Mr. Daniel A. Tysver and Ms. Jennifer

K. Stoos Mr. Dale Ulrich Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Urberg Carlson Ms. Jayne Usery Ms. Judith K. Van Dyne Mr. Rich Van Sickle Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Vanaki Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Vance Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vandenberg Ms. Barbara K. Veath

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Laurie Velett Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Velner Mr. Craig M. Verba Ms. Joanna R. Victor Mr. Andrew J. Vitale and Ms. Kristin J. Hott Mr. Paul R. Voigt Ms. Susan Mary Voigt Kelli Von Heydekampf and Mathias Von

Heydekampf Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Von Kuster III Ms. Sherry L. Von Mosch Mr. and Mrs. Ben Vono Mr. James L. Wabner Mr. and Mrs. Grant K. Wacker Ms. Arlin B. Waelti Mr. Chris R. Wagner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Wagner Mr. John Walker Ms. Dorothy Wallevand Ms. Linda Warner and Mr. Jeffrey Warner Dr. Laure J. Waschbusch Mr. and Ms. Keith Watschke Ms. Janet B. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Weigel Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Weigel Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Weisdorf Dr. Russell C. Welch and Ms. Brenda K.

Andrewson Mr. Dan B. Welsh Allan J. Wenzel Ms. Lillian C. Werling Mr. and Mrs. William J Wernz Ms. Catherine R. Weschcke Ms. Mary Wesley and Ms. Nancy Battaglia Ms. Jean M. West Mr. Edward A. Westerhaus Ms. Elizabeth J. Wexler and Ms. Emma

Wexler Ms. Mary Whalen Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Whalen Ms. Shannon M. Whitaker Ms. Marion White Mr. Jim D. Wicklatz and Ms. Elisabeth

A. Sovik Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wicklund Ms. Karita E. Wienke Mr. Charles I. Wikelius Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wilbers Ms. Judith Williamson Mr. Reynold Willie Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Willis Mr. Mike Wilm Mr Terry Wilson Marriott Winchester Ms. Diana Windhorst Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Winston Mr.and Mrs. Wayne D. Wislofsky Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wittkopf Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Wobig Ms. Jennifer Woebke Mr. Robert William Wohlberg Mr. Thomas E. Wojahn Mr. Brian J. Wold and Ms. Suzanne B.

Harris Mr. Harold C. Wold Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wolfe Mr. Stanton Wolkoff Ms. Marjorie A. Wood Ms. Darlene G Woolsey Mr. Wendell L. Woyke Mr. Dale Wright Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wyckoff Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Yackel Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Yaeger and Mr.

Carl D. Yaeger Mr. and Mrs. Lester W. Yeadon Fay

Yeomans Mr. Anthony A. Yocum Mr. and Mrs. Arnold D. Ypparila Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Zappe Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zaslofsky Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zauha Mr. and Mrs. Hans F. Zoerb Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Zweber

Additional Support Programs

Alliance of the Streets American Indian OIC Bill’s Pantry Breaking Free Bridgeview Canby DAC Christian Brothers Retreat Center Cottonwood County DAC Elizabeth House Elmendorf School Corporation Enterprise North, Inc.

Bridge on Center Broadway Medelia Enterprise Thrift Shoppe Health Care for the Homeless

Hope DAC Jesus in the City Ministry

Joseph’s Coat, Inc.


orks DAC

Atwater Kandiyohi Mental Health Resources Murray County DAC NW Community Support Program Open Arms of Minnesota Park House Progress, Inc.

4th Avenue 175th Avenue Service Enterprises, Inc. Sisters of the Society of Saint Pius X, Inc.

Swift County DAC

The Trumpeter’s Mission Third ay Network The Trumpeter’s Mission


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