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Government and Public Administration Career Cluster

Executing governmental functions to include Governance; National Security; Foreign Service; Planning; Revenue and Taxation; Regulation; and Management and Administration at the local, state, and federal levels.

Career Pathways within this Cluster:

  • Public Management and Administration - Government agencies and public corpora- tions and trusts have specific and rigorous standards for the stewardship of public resources. Public management careers will require technical skills related to budgeting, personnel management, procurement or other activities, and specific knowledge of the regulations and other policies that govern public management.

  • Governance - People who work in the Governance pathway include the officials elected or appointed to government positions responsible for making and executing public policy. This pathway includes the President and members of Congress, governors and state legislators, and local elected officials such as councilpersons or commissioners. Also included are the staff members that support them. Careers in this pathway often require working with constituents or interest groups with conflicting goals. Leadership, consensus building and conflict resolution are important skills for success.

  • National Security - Maintaining a strong national security encompasses such diverse activities as running a hospital, commanding a tank, programming computers, operating a nuclear reactor, or repairing and maintaining a helicopter. The military provides training and work experience in these fields and many others for more than

    • 1.4

      million people who serve in the active Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and

Coast Guard, their Reserve components, and the Air and Army National Guard.

  • Foreign Service Affairs - People who work in the Foreign Service pathway serve in embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions and in Washington, D.C. Job responsibilities range from day-to-day operations of a U.S. embassy to analyzing political and economic events or helping American citizens abroad.

  • Planning - People who work in the Planning pathway develop long- and short-term land use plans to provide for growth and revitalization of urban, suburban and rural communities, while helping local officials make decisions concerning social, economic and environmental issues. Planners promote the best use of a community‘s land and resources for residential, commercial, institutional and recreational purposes.


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