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Conflict with the Other Parent

Conflict with the other parent is bound to occur, but it doesn’t have to hurt your kids if you take steps to prevent it. Try to keep all arguments away from your kids, and don’t make negative comments about the other parent to your kids. If you treat communication between yourself and the other parent as a job, then conflict and arguments should be less likely to occur. The other parent may not approach parenting like you, but that doesn’t make their approach wrong – just different. Tolerance of these differences will go a long way toward reducing some of the conflicts, and it will help your child to see that you and the other parent can still be respectful of each other.

If you have a serious concern about your children’s safety when they are with the other parent, seek help to get your kids into a safe environment. The court can order visitation under supervision with the other parent if necessary. If you have evidence of child abuse or neglect, contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (toll-free) at 800-252-5400.

If the other parent is not letting you see your kids at the dates and times that you are supposed to see them, make sure you write down each time this happens in a journal or on a calendar. It may be a good idea to bring an unbiased witness (a neighbor rather than a significant other, for example) to the pick-up. This evidence (the journal/calendar and the witness) can be used in court to help you gain access to your kids.


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