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Here are some good reasons to NOT argue with the other parent:

Your kids are part mom and part dad, so hearing hurtful things about either parent, especially hearing them from a parent, can hurt your kids’ self-esteem. Remember that your kids love both of their parents and don’t want to hear bad things about either of them.

Even though the marriage or romantic relationship is over, you can focus on the parenting relationship. What matters most now is – YOUR KIDS!!

Arguing about the old relationship only makes it harder to work together as parents for your kids.

There are lots of good reasons to keep talking with the other parent after the split.

Your kids need both dad and mom to participate actively in their lives.

Your kids will do better and be happier when they have the love and support of both parents, even if it’s from two different houses.

Your kids need to see that you can talk with respect to the other parent. Remember – that’s their mom or dad you’re talking to and they love that parent!

You can double check what your kids are telling you. Sometimes children in this situation will say things that may not be true about what goes on in the other parent’s home - like, they get to use curse words at dad’s house, or that mom thinks that school is a waste of time. Communicating often with the other parent will help you determine whether or not these things are true.

You will both feel more involved in your kids’ lives. Staying in communication means you know what your kids are up to, even when they’re with the other parent.

Regular communication can help you keep little misunderstandings from becoming big conflicts.


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