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Symantec Global internet Security threat report

Data breaches that could lead to identity theft

Symantec identifies the proportional distribution of cause and sector for data breaches that may facilitate identity theft based on data provided by the Open Security Foundation (OSF) Dataloss DB.222 OSF reports data breaches that have been reported by legitimate media sources and have exposed personal information including name, address, Social Security number, credit card number, or medical history. the sector that experienced the loss along with the cause of loss that occurred is determined through analysis of the organization reporting the loss and the method that facilitated the loss.

Bot-infected computers

Symantec identifies bot-infected computers based on coordinated scanning and attack behavior that is observed in global network traffic. An active bot-infected computer is one that carries out at least one attack per day. this does not have to be continuous; rather, a single computer can be active on a number of different days. Attacks are defined as any malicious activity carried out over a network that has been detected by an iDS or firewall.

For an attacking computer to be considered to be participating in coordinated scanning and attacking, it must fit into that pattern to the exclusion of any other activity. this behavioral matching will not catch every bot-infected computer and may identify other malicious code or individual attackers behaving in a coordinated way as a botnet. this behavioral matching will, however, identify many of the most coordinated and aggressive bot-infected computers. it will also give insight into the population trends of bot-infected computers, including those that are considered to be actively working in a coordinated and aggressive fashion at some point in time during the reporting period.



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