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What about her 24 comparisons of Krishna to Jesus??

which the reader may find in The Christ Conspiracy.(26)

Bryant stated that 14 of her 24 comparisons are wrong and a 15th is partially wrong.(27)

What about her 9 _ that are correct; especially Krishna's virgin birth, the story of the tyrant who had thousands of infants killed (a parallel to Herod), and Krishna's bodily ascension?

Benjamin Walker in his book, The Hindu World: An Encyclopedic Survey of Hinduism provides an answer. After tracing similarities related to the birth, childhood, and divinity of Jesus, as well as the late dating of these legendary developments in India,

"[t]here can be no doubt that the Hindus borrowed the tales [from Christianity], but not the name."(28)

Bryant also comments that these parallels come from the Bhagavata Purana and the Harivamsa. Bryant believes the former "to be prior to the 7th century AD (although many scholars have hitherto considered it to be 11 century AD."(29) Yet this is hundreds of years after the Gospel accounts.

Of the Harivamsa, Bryant is uncertain concerning its date. However, most sources seem to place its composition between the fourth and sixth centuries, again hundreds of years after the Gospel accounts had been in circulation.(30)

An earlier date is entertained by David Mason of the University of Wisconsin, who states that there is no consensus on the dating that he is aware of but that it may be as early as the second century.(31) Even if this early date is accurate, it is still after the Gospels, not before as Murdock's thesis requires.

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