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Ms. Murdock Falsifies the Scholar Origen

Appealing to Origen as the "most accomplished biblical scholar of the early church," Ms. Murdock quotes him as saying, "The Scriptures were of little use to those who understood them literally, as they are written."(53) When we look at her endnote referencing Origen, we find that her source is Godfrey Higgins, not a biblical scholar or an historian, but an attorney who is claiming Origen said it.

A search through all of Origen's writings, shows he never made that statement. In fact, Origen says precisely the opposite.

Origen shows how certain parts of the Bible should be interpreted metaphorically, such as "the hand of God" or God's "anger." However, in De Principiis, he says the following:

"Let no one, however, entertain the suspicion that we do not believe any history in Scripture to be real, because we suspect certain events related in it not to have taken place. . . . For the passages that are true in their historical meaning are much more numerous than those which are interspersed with a purely spiritual signification. (54)

Again, this shows that Ms. Murdock is not personally familiar with Origin's works. She never interacts with him directly in The Christ Conspiracy. Instead, she only quotes others who end up being wrong.(55)

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