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Murdock misrepresents 3 manuscript traditions as 150.000 New Testament variants! (56)

A distortion of truth. There are basically three different manuscript traditions when it comes to the New Testament: Alexandrine, Cesarean, and Byzantine. While the Alexandrine and Cesarean are the oldest and considered most reliable, the Byzantine is latest and has the majority of manuscripts.

Let’s say the spelling of a single word in one verse in the Byzantine differs from the spelling of that word in the same spot in the Alexandrine and Cesarean. Radical critics count all Byzantine manuscripts as a variant.

So for example, if there are 4,000 Byzantine manuscripts, by her count there are 4,000 variants. If there is a difference in the word order in a specific verse in the Byzantine, that adds another 4,000 variants, although the words are the same; only their order in Greek differs. So, from only 1 difference in spelling and 1 variance in word order, we have 8,000 variants by her count, instead of just two! You begin to see that her way of counting presents a distorted picture of the way things actually are.

How accurate is the text we have today? When scholars incorporate the principles of textual criticism, they can reproduce a text of the New Testament that is better than 95% pure to what the originals said. A more conservative estimate comes from Princeton New Testament scholar, Bruce Metzger who writes that by far the greatest proportion of the text is virtually certain.(57) It’s important to note that any unresolved differences do not change a single doctrine of the Christian faith.

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