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University of Minnesota

The College of Design is currently involved in strategic planning via a “Blue Ribbon” Committee.  The Graduate Program in Design went through a revision this year and we now have a named track in Apparel Studies with three areas of emphasis: Dress, History, and Culture; Product Development; and Retail Merchandising and Consumer Studies.

At the University of Minnesota we have three faculty working in the area of retailing and consumer studies. Their current research projects include exploring consumer perspectives on retail loyalty programs, online co-design, and perception of rape victims.

Doctoral students

Kang, Minjeong – 2009

Dissertation title: Retail Therapy: A Qualitative Investigation and Scale Development

Kim, Jae Eun- 2009

Dissertation title: The Influence of Moral Emotions in Young Adults Moral Decision Making: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Journal Publications (2008-2009)

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