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Michigan State University

Michigan faces a 20% base line budget reduction over the next 3 years. The retailing program was realigned four years ago to a new department called Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. The transition has been smooth and the MSU faculty are very happy in their new home. Enrollment is stable and the doctoral program in Retailing is growing. We have several open positions, but movement on those positions will need to be postponed until decisions are made about the budget.

Funded Research (Selected)

2009-2012   Best Buying Practices  USDA $149,754  CO PIs: L. Good

2009-2011Home RFID Butler ($59,990) IRGP Grant MSU CO PIs:  E. Todd, D. Twedte and H. Li.

2007-2008Comparing China and India’s Buyer-Supplier Relationships ($5,000)

Books And Book Chapters

Manjeshwar, S. and B. Sternquist (2008). Reliance Retail: A Fresh approach towards retailing in India. In A. Kazmi (Ed.), Business Policy & Strategic Management 3 ed., New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill. 613-620.

Sirigiri, R. and B. Sternquist (2008). Food World: Forerunner of organised food retailing in India. In A. Kazmi (Ed.), Business Policy & Strategic Management 3 ed., New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill. 621-636.

Sternquist, B. (2009) International Retailing. (In Japanese) Tokyo, Japan: Shin-Hyoron Publisher

Sternquist, B. (2009) International retail trends and their impact on India. In India Retail Report Delhi, India: Rajmohan Publishers 502-508

Journal Publications

Osajima, K. B. Sternquist and S. Manjeswar. (2009) Japanese materialism: A comparison between the new breed and second baby boomer age-cohorts. Journal of Asian Business Studies.

Runyan, R., J. Chung and B. Sternquist. (2009) A cross-cultural study of relationship marketing factors: Antecedents of satisfaction in a channel setting.  Journal of Business Research.

Chung, J. , Y. Huang, , B. Jin. and B. Sternquist (2009) The impact of market orientation on Chinese retailers’ channel relationships. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Papers Presented and Association Publications

Cohan, L. and B. Sternquist (2009) Network advantages for the internationalization of global retailers: An extension of Dunning’s Eclectic Paradigm. Proceedings ACRA/AMS conference. New Orleans, LA.

Huang, Y. , B. Sternquist, F. Li, and G. Wang (2009) New product evaluation: The role of the retailer in influencing new product success. Proceedings American Marketing Association Summer Educator’s Conference. Chicago, IL

Lu, H. and B. Sternquist (2009) Born Global retailers’ internationalization: a social network perspective. Proceedings ACRA/AMS conference. New Orleans, LA.

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