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the title, “Hard Day’s Night”; the Title field for “The Fly” should have the remainder of the title, “Fly.”

3 Authorship Information. This third column should include the word “By” followed by the name of the author or authors of the work, e.g., “By John Lennon and Paul McCartney,” or “By Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen.” If the author’s name includes a designation such as “performer known as” or “also known as,” this designation should be included in the Authorship Information field. If using the abbreviated form of such a designation, the abbreviation should be included without punctuation between the letters. For example, “By Ella Yelich-O’Connor pka Lorde” (but not “By Ella Yelich-O’Connor p/k/a Lorde”).

4 Registration Number(s). The fourth column should set forth the copyright registration number or numbers associated with the work if the remitter chooses to supply them. When the title is associated with multiple registra- tion numbers, separate the numbers with commas. While this field is optional, the column should be included and the field left blank even if registration numbers are not supplied. Registration numbers included in the electronic list must be 12 characters long, must include a two- or three-letter prefix in capital letters, and must not include spaces or hyphens. If a given registration number con- sists of fewer than 12 characters, the remitter should add leading zeroes to the numeric portion of the registration number before adding it to the list. For example, if a published work has the registration number “SR-320-918,” it should be transcribed into the electronic list submit- ted for recordation as “SR0000320918.” Similarly, if an unpublished work has the registration number “VAu- 598-764,” it should be transcribed into the electronic list submitted for recordation as “VAU000598764.”

The electronic list must be stored on a compact disc, flash drive, or other digital storage medium approved by the Copyright Office that is clearly labeled with the following information: the name of the remitting party, the name of the first party listed in the paper document, the first title listed in the paper document, the number of titles included in the paper document, and the date the remitting party mailed or delivered the paper document. The storage medium on which the electronic list is stored must be included in the same package as the paper document to be recorded, unless the Office agrees to an alternative arrangement. See 37 C.F.R. § 201.4(c)(4)(i).

The Office will rely on the electronic list of titles for the purposes of indexing submitted documents, and will make a note in the record indicating that fact. Remitters should thus

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ensure that the electronic list of titles fully and accurately reflects the titles contained in the paper document. If an electronic submission is inconsistent with the information contained in the paper document, such discrepancies will result in corresponding inaccuracies in the Public Catalog, and the remitter will bear the legal consequences of such inaccuracies. See id. at § 201.4(c)(4)(iii).

Correcting Errors in Electronic Title Lists

If a remitter finds that an error or omission in an electronic title list has led to the inaccurate indexing of a recorded doc- ument in the online Public Catalog, the remitter may submit the complete, corrected list of electronic titles, with each corrected row in the table identified by color highlighting. The table header should contain the phrase “corrected title list.” The volume and document number of the associated recorded document should also be included in the header, as well as in the title of the computer file containing the elec- tronic title list. When submitting the list, the remitter should include a cover letter that clearly references the volume and document number of the recorded document, the name of the remitting party, the name of the first party listed in the paper document, and the first title listed in the paper docu- ment. Upon receipt of a corrected electronic list in proper form and the appropriate fee, the Office will proceed to cor- rect the data in the Public Catalog and will note in the record that the corrections were made and the date they were made. See 37 C.F.R. § 201.4(c)(4)(v).

Return Receipts

Because it may take several months or longer before docu- ment submissions are processed, the Office provides an optional receipt confirmation system under which a remit- ter may request that the Office provide a return receipt. A remitter may request return receipt by sending, along with the recordation submission, two copies of Form DCS and checking the box indicating that a return receipt is requested. The remitter must also include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. Once the Office receives a recordation submission indicating that the remitter seeks return receipt notification, the Office will attach a date-stamped return receipt to one of the forms and mail it back to the remitter using the self- addressed, postage-paid envelope. See 37 C.F.R. § 201.4(f).

A return receipt will establish only that the Office has received a submission as of the date indicated; it will not establish that a document is eligible for recordation or pro- vide a date of recordation. Only the certificate of recordation will provide the date of recordation. Id.

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