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Recordation Process

Documents accepted for recordation are numbered, cata- loged, and imaged for the public record. They are indexed in the Office’s online Public Catalog under the names of the parties, the titles they contain, and where applicable, the registration number(s) for the works associated with the documents. The original document is returned to the sender with a certificate of recordation bearing the date of recorda- tion and the volume and document number identifying the recorded document. A numbered copy of the original docu- ment will be provided to the submitter as well as maintained at the Office and made available to the public upon request for public inspection and copying.

When cataloging a recorded document, the Office will collect only the information that appears in the document itself and any schedules, exhibits, appendices, or other attachments thereto. The Office may also use information contained in an electronic title list, if one is provided. Par- ties, titles, and other pertinent information should be clearly identified in the document itself, in the attachments to the document, or in the electronic title list, if applicable.

With the exception of title counts, the Office does not ordinarily seek to verify any of the information that appears in a recorded document. Generally, titles, parties, dates of execution, and the like will be transcribed “as is” without confirming the accuracy of that information.

If there are obvious but minor typographical errors in the names or titles listed in the document, the specialist may index the document under the correct name or title.

Legal Sufficiency

The Copyright Office does not attempt to judge the legal sufficiency or to interpret the content of any document submitted for recordation. It does not screen the document for errors, discrepancies, or content and does not generally correspond with the remitter about the sufficiency of the document.

Remitters are therefore cautioned to review and scrutinize any document to assure its legal sufficiency before submitting it to the Copyright Office for recordation. The Copyright Office will record the document, but recordation may be without legal effect unless the remitter has prepared the doc- ument in a way that satisfies applicable legal requirements.

Date of Recordation

The date of recordation is the date when the Copyright Office receives the written document in proper form and the proper fee.

Recordation of Transfers and Other Documents · 7


Because copies of the recorded document and Form DCS will be made available to the general public upon request, par- ties should be aware that private, confidential, or personally identifiable information in a document that is submitted for recordation or on Form DCS will be accessible to persons who request to inspect or copy the recorded document or Form DCS on file at the Office (see “Public Access to Docu- ment Records” below).

Mailing and Delivery Instructions

Submissions to record transfers of copyright ownership and other documents pertaining to a copyright should be mailed to:

Library of Congress U.S. Copyright Office–DOC 101 Independence Avenue SE Washington, DC 20559

Documents may also be submitted in person at the Copy- right Public Information Office, which is open to the public 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, eastern time, except federal holidays. It is located in Room lm 401 in the Library of Congress, James Madison Memorial Building, at 101 Independence Avenue SE, Washington, DC.

Public Access to Document Records

Information pertaining to recorded documents may be viewed in the online Public Catalog on the Office’s website. Recorded documents may be inspected and, for a fee, copied, by visiting the Office in Washington, D.C., or by requesting a search for the document, a search report of the relevant records, or copies of the recorded documents through the Office’s Records Research and Certification Section which can be contacted at:

U.S. Copyright Office Records Research and Certification Section P.O. Box 70400 Washington, DC 20559 Tel: 202-707-6787 Fax: 202-252-3519 (for deposit account holders only)

Online Access

Copyright Office records in machine-readable form from January 1, 1978, to the present and catalog information

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