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Award at the Auction.

In a single winner format, only one customer (normally the customer who quotes the highest price) is awarded all the units of the item being auctioned. The customer quoting the highest price is normally allotted the item.


Client is the individual/business entity who has contracted "Service Provider" to conduct such auction. In case of auction, the purpose would be the genuine intent to sell the selected item/s (Lot) to the customers desiring to buy these items from the Client.


Customer is the individual/business entity participating in the auction, intending to buy the item(s) from the Client. To be become a Customer in the auction, a business entity has to secure client approval for participation and also provide written assent to the General Rules and Regulations . Auction Engine.

Auction Engine refers to the software that encapsulates the entire auction environment, processing logic and information flows. "Service Provider" is the sole owner of the auction engine and retains exclusive right over the utilisation of the same.

Timings of the Online Bid.

All the timings of the Online Bid shall be based on the time indicated by the Server hosting the Auction Engine. It shall be the endeavor of "Service Provider" to ensure that the Server Time reflects as closely as possible the Indian Standard Time (IST) i.e. GMT + 0530 hrs. However, in the event of any deviations between the Server Time and the Indian Standard Time, the functioning of the Auction Engine (Launch, operation, and closure) would be guided by the Server Time. Customers are advised to refresh both the windows of the Auction Module check the exact Server Time (displayed in both the windows). Preview Time. Preview Time refers to the period of time that is provided prior to the commencement of bidding. This is to facilitate approved participants to view the auction details such as item specifications, bidding details and bidding rules. The purpose is also to familiarize participants with the functionality and screens of the auction mechanism. It is not mandatory for "Service Provider" to provide Preview Time.

Start Time. Start time refers to the time of commencement of the conduct of the online auction. It signals the commencement of the Price Discovery process through competitive bidding. Duration of the Auction. It refers to the length of time the price discovery process is allowed to continue by accepting bids from competing customers. The duration of the auction would normally be for a pre-specified period of time. However, the bidding rules may state the conditions when the pre- specified duration may be curtailed/extended. The conditions include:

  • Curtailment of auction duration in the event of no bids for a specified period of time (Inactivity Time)

  • Automatic extension in the event of bids being entered towards the end of the scheduled duration to facilitate the other customers to

view and react to the bid.

Auto Extension of the Auction Timings.

In the event of bids in the last few minutes of the scheduled bid time, the Bid Timings are automatically extended for a specified period from each such bid. Such Auto Extension shall continue until no bids are placed for the specified period (Engine remains inactive for the specified period). The Inactivity Time for Auto Extension purpose is normally X minutes. "Service Provider" however retains the right to change the same. The Inactivity Time applicable for the particular Online Bid shall be visible to the customers under the Bidding Rules module on the engine. End of the Auction. End of the Auction refers to the termination of the auction proceedings signaling an end to the price discovery process. Auction Report.

"Service Provider" would provide an Auction Report to the Client containing a summary of the auction proceedings and outcome. The Auction Report would constitute the official communication from "Service Provider" to the client about the outcome of the Auction.


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