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on the home front

Impress your guests and appease your inner Iron Chef with these innovative new products

Fire up your engines

With the TurboChef Double Wall Speedcook Oven, food cooks 15 times faster than in a conventional oven. Imagine a rack of lamb ready in four minutes, or your Thanksgiving turkey done and ready to carve in 42 minutes (why, that’s less than an hour!). Plus the TurboChef, which comes in a wall-mounted model, is one sexy looking oven, with curved edges, a hearth-shaped window, polished aluminum handles, and a body of steel. Say no more.

Two zones are better than one

Chilled and organized

Most electric-powered wine cellars force you to make a choice between storing your wine or bringing it to the right temperature for serving. Marvel’s Chateau Collection Dual-Zone Wine Cellar lets you chill your wines in one zone and leave them to mature in another zone. The uber- cool factor: these two zones are housed in a single cabinet for an elegant, streamlined aesthetic. The temperature for each zone can be customized for storage, and for service of whites or reds.

Discover your inner barista

Making coffee has never been this cool. The Lattissima from Nespresso can be programmed for quick and easy espresso, cappuccino, or latte macchiato. This lean, one-cup brewing machine comes loaded with features, including a milk frothing device and an electronic temperature regulation system.

We know, we know. It gets exhausting digging through the piles of food in your freezer. Appliance manufacturer LG has come up with a neat solution: a four-door refrigerator that features a two-drawer bottom freezer. The top drawer is designed to keep smaller items well organized in compartments of various configurations while the bottom is per- fect for heftier items. Another bonus is the 12-inch water dispenser compartment, tall enough to fit water bottles and pitchers. The ledge where you set your water container even slides out to accommodate wide-bottomed carafes or bowls. Very cool.

Be a smart chopper

Each of these colour-coded polypropylene chopping boards, created by designer Damian Evans, is designated for use with either raw meat, cooked food, fish, or veg- etables. When you’re done chopping, simply file the boards away in their own storage unit, which resembles a file folder organizer.

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