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The Timing Tuner installs under the hood of the vehicle. Feed the “T” end of the Timing Tuner Harness down from the topside of the engine compartment. Locate the Crankshaft Sensor on the passenger side of the engine block,  next to the starter.  From under the vehicle (support the vehicle on jack-stands) gain access to the Crankshaft Sensor, removal of the starter may be necessary.  Unplug the Vehicle Harness from the Crankshaft Sensor and plug the Vehicle Harness into the Timing Tuner Harness.  Plug the Timing Tuner Harness into the Crankshaft Sensor.  Ensure that all connectors engage fully and are latched.  Reinstall the starter if previously removed.  Tie the harness away from exhaust components using the supplied tie-wraps.

From above the engine compartment, plug the Timing Tuner into the Timing Tuner Harness.  Find a location to mount the Timing Tuner that is accessible for tuning but away from water drips (under the edge of  the hood).  Near the battery is a good place.  Put the jumper plug inside the vehicle for safe-keeping.  The jumper plug is used to bypass the Timing Tuner if it is removed for service.

If the Nitrous Oxide control features are not being used, the installation is complete.

Connect the Nitrous Oxide control wires as shown in the Connection Diagram.  The White wire is connected to the positive side of the N2O pilot relay coil,  it receives power when the arming switch and the WOT (Wide Open Throttle) switch are both ON.  The Gray wire is connected to the negative side of the pilot relay coil.  

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