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Retention of Ringers

Recent Developments in Coaching Pip Penney October 9th 2008

These notes have been compiled with reference to:-

  • Sport and Exercise Psychology. A Critical Introduction. Professor Aiden

    • P.

      Moran. 2004. Published by Routledge.

  • The Principle of Teaching Riding. The Official Manual of the Association of British Riding Schools. K Bush, J Marczak. 2005. Published by David and Charles PLC.

  • Coaching Golf Successfully. Bill Madonna. 2001. Published by Human Kinetics.

  • The Suzuki Approach to the teaching of musical instruments. www.britishsuzuki.com 2008

  • Special Olympics – Principles of Coaching - Coaching Guide. www.sogb.org.uk/coaches.html 2005

By bringing awareness of these principles into the teaching of ringing we would make sure that we are applying up to date and proven coaching skills, which in turn may help us to retain more of our learners and more advanced ringers.

Team Cohesion

The team building aspect of retention of learners and participants is already highly developed in ringing with many of the following principles established as part of normal behaviour in the world of ringing.

“A team is a group of two or more people who come together exerting mutual influences on each other to achieve a common purpose.” Professor Aiden P Moran. 2004.

Every group, team (or in ringing terms band) has two important parts, the “task” component and the “social” component.

  • The task component leads to team work.

  • The social component leads on to the development of team spirit.

Both of these factors have been shown to be positively associated with participants’ attitude and frequency of attendance.

Practical Team Building Techniques for Coaches Team spirit

  • Facilitate team communication – provide regular opportunities for members of the group to meet together. In ringing this regular event is frequently provided for by going down the pub after practice.

  • Increase team ‘togetherness’ – organize social events and outings. Visit spectacular places/venues. Have a separate social organizer within the group.


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