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Retention of Ringers

Recent Developments in Coaching Pip Penney October 9th 2008

  • Enhance the collective sense of team identity with the use of

logos/badges/team clothing.

Team work

  • Get to know the individual members of the group as much as possible.

  • Recognise the importance of each individual within the group and in what way they can contribute to the group as a whole.

  • Add an extra dimension; such as lectures, courses, demonstrations.

  • Clarify goals and norms – set achievement targets in consultation with group members.

Maintaining Enthusiasm and Motivation

There are always “reasons and barriers” to people taking up a new activity. People take up new activities because they are “enjoyable, challenging and offer new social outlets and opportunities.” One of the barriers to taking something up or continuing with it is said to be “lack of time”. However, it has been shown that even where there are no restrictions in time, such as within the prison population, the uptake is similar to that in the general population.

  • Remember the finer points of bell ringing may be of less importance to

your pupils than to you. They may have other hobbies and interests.

  • Enjoyment is important – practice should be fun.

  • A desire to learn cannot be forced upon a pupil. It is something that first

needs to be stimulated and then carefully nurtured.

  • Learners have a need for achievement. Without achievement, enthusiasm

will not be maintained.

  • Motivation is all about having needs and having those needs met.

However, an individuals “need to achieve” is challenged by his “fear of failure”.

In a learner with “high achievement motivation” his need to succeed or achieve is greater than his fear of failure. This learner will need more challenging situations, will go for higher levels of achievement and will tend to be from higher ability groups.

In learners with “low achievement motivation” the fear of failure is greater than the need to succeed. This learner will tend to avoid challenging


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