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Retention of Ringers

Recent Developments in Coaching Pip Penney October 9th 2008

  • If adults express reservations about the tutor’s theoretical knowledge he should not treat this as a challenge to his authority or knowledge, rather congratulate himself on having succeeded in arousing the learner’s interest and analytical abilities.

Nervous learners

Fears which may seem irrational, ridiculous or trivial to the tutor may seem very real to the learner and should be treated seriously and with understanding.

  • Fear slows and inhibits the learning process.

  • A tutor should place emphasis on what can be done and achieved - not on what cannot be or has not been done at each practice.

  • A tutor should stay close to the learner.

  • The learner should be allowed to master each stage before moving on. A nervous learner should not be rushed.

  • At the end of the practice a tutor should briefly re-cap its positive aspects.


Children should be encouraged to think problems through for themselves. Asking them to comment on what went right or wrong during each exercise and how they could improve it next time has the effect of making the lesson more interactive and enjoyable, whilst at a deeper level what they are learning is more likely to be thoroughly absorbed.

  • A tutor should be inventive and enthusiastic to maintain interest and stimulation.

  • A tutor should consider having shorter lessons if the child’s concentration span is short.

  • A tutor should finish the practice on a good note while they are still eager.

  • “Fun” aspects should be emphasised. Bell control exercises and games may help to develop confidence. Quizzes may be used as an enjoyable way to improve theoretical knowledge.

  • A tutor should always be positive. Use praise and encouragement particularly when a child is trying hard and his efforts are not meeting with success.

The Importance of Foundation Skills

  • Without good foundation skills the tutor runs the risk of the learner becoming stuck at a level below his capacity.

  • By building the whole action through incremental learning; that is by gradually building the necessary foundation skills, a teacher can help his learner become consistent at a higher level.


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