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PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY: Making Sense of Planet Earth

REVIEW “This eight-title, four-disc series, hosted by Alexander B. Murphy, "explores the dra- matic discoveries of the forces shaping planet Earth" and explains the role of physical geography in the twenty-first century and beyond...the presented information is de- tailed, informative, accurate, and solidly paced. Color resolution and sound balance are high...Recommended” - Booklist

PRODUCT INFORMATION Physical Geography: Making Sense of Planet Earth is an eight part HD series

that explores the dramatic discoveries of the forces shaping planet Earth and provides a blueprint for understanding how place and process combined to shape every aspect of the planet’s physical and cultural landscape. Host Dr. Alexander B. Murphy opens the door to a whole new way of seeing and

Program 1: Inventing the Tools of Geography In this program Dr. Murphy presents an historical narrative of the principles that form the foundation of geography. These include the three laws of geology, the importance of scale and the origins of the two great branches of geography: physical and human.

Program 2: Portraying the Earth Alexander focuses on the history of portraying the Earth from the earliest maps of ancient Greece, to the 21st century computer-based GIS, Geographical Information System. The program includes a visit to the U.S. Geological Survey, the institution that has served as America's center for mapmaking for the past 150 years.

dynamic processes. Then he defines the three types of regions: formal, functional, and collo- quial.

Program 7: Physical Geographic Influences on the Development of

Human Societies One of the great debates in geography has been: ‘How much does place or physical geog- raphy determine human development - cultural and economic?’ Using historical examples and present-day case histories, Alec Murphy guides you through both sides of the argument known as environmental determinism. Featured are leading geographical thinkers.

Program 3: Landforms Landforms range in size from the continents them- selves to the river valleys that most cities have devel- oped around. In this program Alec Murphy categoriz- es and defines the major landforms found on the planet, including vast mountain ranges and narrow canyons.

Program 4: The Ever Changing Planet

Our planet is ever-changing. Earth's landforms are constantly being created and destroyed on timescales

Program 8: Human Impacts on the

Natural Environment Human beings have become a geographical force. In the 21st century human beings each year bring more change to the surface of the planet than all the natural forces combined. In this final program Alec Murphy presents an intriguing history of how this came to be and what the future holds for the planet and the 7 billion people living on its surface.

ranging from days to tens of millions of years. In this program Alec Murphy walks you through the forces shaping and destroying the planet's many landforms.

Program 5: Layering the Planet Geography has found that Earth is organized into a sequence of spheres: the inner core, the crust or lithosphere a soil layer, known as the pedosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and biosphere. Alec Murphy shows how they are all interconnected in one dynamic system.

Program 6: Geographical Regions In this program Alec Murphy shows how the planet is divided into physiographic regions, each with internal

Hosted by Dr. Alexander B. Murphy. Dr. Murphy is a renowned geographer and chair of the National Academy of Science’s study “Strategic Directions for the Geographical Sciences.”





  • Closed Captioned

  • Shot in High-Definition

  • Instructor’s Guide

  • Maps & graphs

  • 8 programs on 4 DVDs

  • Series: $ 199.99

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