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REVIEWS “Named as one of the “TOP 10 Environmental DVDSFebruary 2008 Booklist

A Co-production of the National Film Board of Canada and NHK Japan, the beautiful high-definition filmed Miracle Plan-et -ably narrated by Christopher Plummer -- traces the Earth's evolution over 4.5 billion years, from its birth as a planet (about one-tenth its present size) to the emergence of Homo sapiens roughly 200,000 years ago..… What's most impressive here, however, are not the individual speculations (which are admittedly fascinating), but the series' success in integrating such a wide range of disparate ideas into an absolutely compelling prehistoric narrative, one that sheds considerable light on the extraordinary inner workings of our amazingly resilient miracle planet. Highly recommended.” 3 ½ Stars - Video Librarian


The Miracle Planet is a five-part series that recounts the profound and gripping story of Earth's mysterious evolution. Over its more than 4-billion- year history, Earth has been home to repeated violent climactic changes, which have caused mass extinctions. And yet, life has survived. In fact, these same catastrophes that devastated life on Earth also helped bring about its evolution from the simplest microbes to the complexity and diversity that is found on the planet today. Filmed in High Definition this series features location footage, interviews with the world's foremost scientists and cutting- edge computer technology.

Program 1: The Violent Past The planet Earth was born out of chaos and disaster - and completely by chance. This episode transports us to this breathtaking genesis. Featuring astounding high-definition visuals and interviews with pre-eminent scientists in the field, The Violent Past reveals the startling earliest history of life on Earth - its microscopic manifestations and the unimaginable challenges to its survival.

Program 2: Snowball Earth Program 2 of Miracle Planet takes us back more than two billion years, to this first ice age that gripped the Earth for what scientists believe was millions of years. Snowball Earth reveals the startling secrets of how life survived this devastating cold and how this extreme climate shift forever changed the development of life on Earth.

Program 3: New Frontiers For billions of years, life existed only in the Earth's oceans. But about 350 million years ago, some of those earliest life forms began to explore New Frontiers on land. They could breathe oxygen from the air and were able to support their weight on land. And over the next hundred million years, these life forms would spread across the globe. Program 3 of Miracle Planet recreates the remarkable adaptation of these animals that first came ashore and reveals the fascinating theories of how and why they did.

Program 4: Extinction & Rebirth There was a moment in Earth's history, about 250 million years ago, when all life nearly disap- peared from the planet. Scientists now believe the cause was an eruption of the Earth's molten core that triggered global climate change. The resulting drop in oxygen levels allowed dinosaurs to rise to supremacy because of their respiratory systems. Program 4 of Miracle Planet follows these gargantuan creatures through life and death and chronicles the early rise of the mammal as the dominant creature on the planet.

Program 5: Survival of the Fittest This episode walks us down the incredible evolutionary pathway that has brought humans to their dominant position on the planet and openly questions our role in the future development of life on earth.


Narrated by Christopher Plummer


  • English Subtitled for the

Hearing Impaired

  • Shot in High Definition

  • Instructor’s Guides

  • DVD: $69.99

  • Runtime: 248 minutes

  • 5 programs on 5 DVDs

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