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  • Closed Captioned

  • Filmed in HD

  • Instructor’s Guide

  • Series $149.99

  • 6 programs on 6 DVDs

  • Runtime: 288 minutes

Did you know?

This series sets history firmly in the present, relying on parallels between our own time and the past. Although there is an underlying chronology linking the six programs, each program deals with a specific theme and is therefore capable of standing alone. Viewed in succession, they add up to a concise but comprehensive history of the world from 1400 to present.




“Provocative and lavishly illustrated with dramatic re-creations, artwork, and location footage, backed by Ferguson's engaging narration...Highly recommended.

Aud:H,C,P." 3 1/2 Stars -Video Librarian

PRODUCT INFORMATION The West once ruled more than half the world. The religion it exported, Christianity, is still followed by a third of mankind. Above all, the way people live - or aspire to live - is unmistakably an invention of the West. All over the world, more and more humans eat a Western diet, wear Western clothes and live in Western housing. But are we living through the beginning of the end of the West's ascendancy? In this remarkable series, Niall Ferguson explains how by juxtaposing the West and ‘the Rest', we can uncover the keys - the six killer applications - of Western ascendancy: the real explanation of how, for roughly five centuries, a clear minority of mankind managed to secure the li- on's share of the Earth's resources. Intelligent, entertaining, educational and visually stunning, Civilization will do more for the public understanding of world history than any series since the original BBC program of the same name by Kenneth Clark.

Written and presented by Niall Ferguson.

Program 1: Competition Colonial expansion and economic innovation were stifled by a monolithic empire in

China at a time when political division in Europe bred competition. Now the tables are turning.

Program 2: Science Why was it that the Islamic world failed to participate in the Scientific Revolution and

the Enlightenment? And how far can the West maintain its scientific lead today?

Program 3: Property Why did North America succeed where South America lagged behind? Could it be that

North and South are converging today, linguistically as well as economically.

Program 4: Medicine The development of modern medicine made it possible to export Western Civilization

to the “Dark Continent.” But Europe’s empires failed in their mission to “civilize” Africa, exposing the most violent side of Western dominance.

Program 5: Consumerism Most of the world’s people embraced the Western way of shopping and dressing. Only

the Muslim world has resisted. Can the burka hold out against the big global brands?

Program 6: Work The West is in danger of losing confidence in itself. With the decline of Western be-

liefs, what has happened to Christianity and the Protestant work ethic?

Niall Ferguson, MA, D.Phil., is Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University and William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University, and a Senior Fel- low at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.


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