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Software Requirements Specification

Specific Requirements

This section contains external interface requirements, behavioral requirements, and non-behavioral requirements.

External Interface Requirements

This section contains the specification of requirements for interfaces among different components and their external capabilities, including all its users, both human and other systems.

Hardware Interfaces

There are no hardware interface requirements for this system.

Software Interfaces

General Interface Requirements

[SRSreq 01]

The system shall have a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) constructed from standard web-interface elements such radio buttons, text boxes, check boxes, drop down lists, tables, and URLs.

[SRSreq 02]

The system’s web interface shall accept user input from the keyboard and from the mouse.

[SRSreq 03]

The system shall have scroll bars for web pages displaying a more text than fits in the currently displayed window.

[SRSreq 04]

The system shall present a confirmation prompt to the user with the options to continue or cancel the operation whenever a user selects an operation that may modify the contents of the database.

[SRSreq 05]

The title for all the webpages on the system shall be composed of the text “Remote Sensing Supermarket” and the title of the specific page. Specific page names are given in the page transition map given in Appendix A: Web Page Transitions.

[SRSreq 06]

Each webpage will display hyperlinks to adjacent pages as shown in Appendix A: Web Page Transitions.

[SRSreq 07]

All webpages shall contain the logos from appropriate sponsors. These include, UTEP, PACES, NASA, and GEON. These logos shall be hyperlinked to the homepages of these organizations.

[SRSreq 08]

Each web page that responds to user actions shall have an associated help page. Pages requiring help pages are shown in Appendix A: Web Page Transitions. Each help page shall contain instructions and explanations on how to use the webpage associated with it.

Visitor Pages

[SRSreq 09]

The Home/Search webpage shall contain a description of the motivation and purpose behind the system being built, as shown Figure 3‑2: Home/Search Page.

[SRSreq 10]

The Glossary Page shall contain links to approved remote sensing glossaries available on line and a list of terms and definitions provided by the client and AVS users.

[SRSreq 11]

When the length of the number of entries displayed in The Glossary Page exceeds two standard window lengths, the Glossary Page shall have hyperlinked shortcuts to each letter of the alphabet to facilitate faster searches.

[SRSreq 12]

The Site Map Page shall contain a graphical representation of the layout of the system’s webpages.

[SRSreq 13]

The Link Center shall display a table containing links to other sites of interest.

[SRSreq 14]

The Contact Us Page shall display information on how to contact the persons responsible for the system and a link to the PACES donations webpage.

Software Engineering II

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