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Software Requirements Specification


The Virtual Supermarket for Remote Sensing Data and Images (AVS) is a system under development at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Department of Computer Science. This document, the software requirements specification (SRS), describes the system in sufficient detail for its implementation. The SRS is divided into four sections. Section 1 describes the purpose and scope of the system and a glossary of terms used in the document. Section 2 describes the system in general terms. Section 3 contains the detailed requirements. The appendices provide additional information.

This section of the SRS contains a description of the Purpose and Intended Audience, the Scope of the Product, Abbreviations and Definitions and an overview of the document. This section of the SRS contains a description of the product and functionality provided by the product, main features of the product, a description of each type of user of the system, constraints on the development team, and factors that affect the requirements stated in the SRS.  In order to describe what the system will do at a high-level, use case diagrams and scenarios are used in this section.

Purpose and Intended Audience

The purpose of the SRS is to clearly and accurately define the requirements of the Virtual Supermarket for Remote Sensing Data and Images system being developed.  The SRS documents and describes all functions that the final product should perform; thus, it serves as a developer reference for product design and implementation.

The SRS describes the system from the user perspective and then groups system requirements into two sections, behavioral and non-behavioral.  Behavioral requirements define what the system does by examining inputs to the system, outputs from the system, and the relationships between these inputs and outputs.  Non-behavioral requirements define the attributes of the system as it performs its job, including efficiency, reliability, security, maintainability, and portability.

The intended audience of this document is the client, Dr. G. Randy Keller of the Pan-American Center for Earth and Environmental Studies (PACES) at UTEP, the guidance team, and the software development team.  The SRS is an agreement among these parties on requirements regarding the AVS system.

Scope of Product

Remote sensing is the science of acquiring, processing, and interpreting measurements acquired from a distance as with instruments borne on aircraft and satellites.  Of particular concern here are data about Earth. Our client, PACES, specializes in the acquisition and distribution of Landsat data covering the Southwest United States and portions of Mexico.

Numerous remote sensing instruments are currently active in orbit around the Earth. Each instrument provides datasets to the instrument teams, who then make the data available to clients. In some cases, data acquired by clients can then be made available to other users. The result of current practices is that remote sensing data of various forms is available from a variety of data providers. Many data sets are available online, and much of it is free of charge. Scientists and the general public currently must use a variety of search engines that tend to favor commercial sites over non-commercial sites.  PACES would like to facilitate locating various remote sensing data sets. Developing a centralized location and specialized search engine will facilitate locating datasets and will be greatly appreciated by the scientific community.

The AVS system will enable users to locate remote sensing datasets available online. It will maintain a list of data sets that are made available by a variety of remote sensing organizations.  AVS will store, organize, search, and display links to commercial and non-commercial data sets that are available online. The software developed will provide a browser-based interface for users to search through an index of remote sensing data that various organizations make available.  Data providers will use the software to make their data sets available to users by providing descriptions of the data that is available, including the location of the data, how the data was obtained, and how the user can access the data. AVS will allow a user to search for data using a natural

Software Engineering II

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