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abc | cutting hair the sassOOn way

abc | cutting hair the sassOOn way demOnstrates the three fundamental cutting techniQues, lines, graduatiOn and layering, represented by the letters abc, that in their purest fOrm, are integral tO the cOntinuing sassOOn stOry .

these landmark cuts are fully illustrated in an innovative manual with technical step by step photographs that show not only how the original techniques are executed in their purest form, but also how they are combined in a comprehensive matrix, which gives an infinite number of cutting possibilities.

the manual is an essential education tool, and when used in conjunction with the abc dvd series forms a complete cutting education system for either the beginner looking for the finest start to their career, or for an experienced stylist looking for a new insight into these touchstone techniques.

series a focuses on the technique of lines and its combinations, showing how to cut lines of various angles and lengths in isolation and in combination with graduation and layering. concentrating on graduation and its different applications, series b shows how to build up weight and length in shapes with the emphasis on longer internal shapes with movement.

the abc matrix concludes with series c and is concerned with layering and its variations; the emphasis is on shorter internal lengths combined with different external lengths and weights.

designed to fold out flat for ease of use, the book is enhanced with comprehensive technical diagrams of the twelve classic techniques together with further diagrams on balance, shape, proportion and over-direction. also included is an overview of consultations and chapters that cover the psychology of hairdressing, suitability and shape selection.

abc manual



abc dvd series



the abc dvd series features six language OptiOns:

english spanish italian german mandarin japanese

“the techniques and philosophy contained within this manual and dvd is the culmination of fifty years of sassoon expertise and lie at the heart of the sassoon ethos that form follows function’. mastering these fundamental techniques will provide you with the skills necessary to understand the dynamics of hair, which when perfected, will enable you to create your own individual haircutting style.”

mark hayes | internatiOnal creative directOr




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