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abc | cOlOring hair the sassOOn way

abc | cOlOring hair the sassOOn way is a three part series, represented by the letters abc, cOmprising tOtal , partial and cOmbinatiOn cOlOr techniQues.

these fundamental methods accentuate and define the dynamic lines of the sassoon cuts. in their purest form or in combination, they provide a myriad of variations that continue to be intrinsic to the sassoon look.

each technique was initially developed to complement the feeling of haircuts of the time. In the 60s, the new geometric haircuts needed total color application to emphasize their clean sharp lines and heavy graduation. As the geometry of the 60s gave way to the softer layered looks of the 70s and beyond, partial coloring in the form of multi-colored highlighting and slicing techniques became the zeitgeist. Later, with the advent of internal graduation, combination coloring accentuated the natural movement and shape of the haircut. as haircutting techniques have become more sophisticated, these fundamental coloring techniques have also evolved to provide a complete repertoire for the creative colorist.

series a focuses on total color and includes all aspects of virgin, re-growth and grey coverage. this series also incorporates a complete guide to lightening and toning hair.

series b demonstrates the key methods of partial color - highlighting, slicing and singles - covering a comprehensive range of hair lengths and textures.

series c concentrates on combination color - freehand, two tone tint, tint and highlights and back-to-back panel forming the basis of commercial, contemporary fashion work.

a solid, technical foundation is provided by understanding the matrix and mastering the applications within coloring hair the sassoon way. with continuous practice and study, an infinite repertoire of looks can be creatively and confidently achieved.

abc manual



abc dvd series



the abc dvd series features eight language OptiOns:

english spanish italian german russian japanese mandarin hindi

“this is the most comprehensive training system available for either the beginner looking for the finest start to their career, or for an experienced stylist/colorist looking for a new insight into these touchstone techniques. they are perfectly suited for todays salon needs and essential for the education and development of future generations of superb colorists to excel and succeed.”

mark hayes | internatiOnal creative directOr




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