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Rusty, Sounds good to me. How soon are they wanting to do this? I think they are pretty much ready to open that passageway. Could you guys possibly get to that this Sun/Mon? It is to be restored eventually, so this might up that on the list as well as have the work already done?? What are your thoughts? Thanks,

Angela McCleaf, BB35 Curator

Angela, With the Division 2 reunion this weekend, I was sort of putting the plexi work on stand-by, but I’ll start the preliminary measurements and all that. If the 2nd Division thing turns out not to be a big deal Sunday 8 September we’ll get started, and that will be our main thing the Sunday after I get back from Fredericksburg. I’ll take a look at the spare ranch panel door frame in shipfitters to see if we can use that, but we might have to fabricate a new frame, and hinges will have to be installed in either event, so mounting the door there will have a few extra steps than most that we do. Until we have all the fabrication and prep work done we can lock the WTD for security’s sake. I’ll put the Radio Room on the top of the plexi list – we can get back to the side panel in the Barber Shop and the improvement to the Dispensary door.

Rusty Bloxom, BB35 Historian

Editor’s Note: Behind the scenes peek into some of the preparations for the Division 2 Vets Reunion.

Dear everyone, I am writing to inform you that have accepted a new position as a historian for a cultural resource management firm in Austin. This is a great opportunity that I would not have had without my experience here in the Historic Sites Program. My last day at TPWD will be October 20, 2006, except for an evening program I am giving at Lockhart SP on October 25. I want to thank everyone for the professional support and friendships that I have received here. I will always cherish my time here and hope to continue my relationships with you all. From my graduate internship to my first professional job, TPWD has provided a wonderful experience and taught me much about the fields of history and historic preservation. Thank you for all of your support over the past couple of years. I will greatly miss the TPWD staff and sites as I take on this new opportunity. Sincerely,

Erin Mace, Historian Historic Sites Program, State Parks Division Texas Parks & Wildlife

Thank you, Erin, for all your hard work with grantwriting and the Historic Sites Training. We will all miss you--while wishing you the best in your new position. Again, thanks for your many contributions to State Parks and the Historic Sites program. Congratulations on your new opportunities!

Cindy Brandimarte, Ph.D. TPWD Historic Sites Director

Erin, We will miss your dearly...........You have done wonderful things for us and helped maintain Cindy's sanity. She will now have to go to work. Best of luck in your new life. We will look forward to the day that you return to us. Thanks,

Dan Sholley, TPWD Deputy Director State Parks Division

Thank you! The tour was very informative. A special thanks to our guides! We were thrilled to listen to the guide speaking German!

Juergen C. Mueller West Chester Academy – German Exchange Student Program Houston, Texas

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Bill Werzner and Herb Powers with the FTV for a job above and beyond!!!

October 9 – October 15, 2006



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