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Thank you Barbara. This was our second tour and we shared it with friends who were visiting the ship for the first time. We enjoyed their reaction almost as much as the tour itself. Thanks for all you do for BB 35 and for those who love her.

Steven & Jackie Harker Houston, Texas

I think we had a bit of a wake up call this past weekend on the hard hat tour with Pam’s asthma attack. I think everything was handled in a proper way, but it highlighted the need for better communication during the tours. I would really like to see the FTV consider purchasing 4 radios for the four tour guides. These would need to have the ability to be programmed to the park’s frequency so help could be summoned if needed. There are some areas where they will not work, but almost all of the 3rd deck gets to the outside on the park’s radios. These would also be very useful for the FTV to use on a regular basis as well. It is usually very difficult to locate any park workers in a timely manner on normal occasions, in an emergency, this would sure speed up the process. Thanks,

Stan Adams, First Texas Vols

Hi Russ; Can you tell me where to order six radios that are compatible with your ship’s system? We really need to purchase these for FTV events aboard ship without borrowing staff radios.

Dennis Mitchell, First Texas Vols

Hi, guys. Stan is correct in that we had a serious medical emergency in which some very quick and energetic actions were conducted in response. Happily everything worked out well. My thanks to Sarah Richmond and Sharron Waszkiewicz for their coolness and quick action. The radios would allow for quicker response without the accompanying wasteful physical effort (communication, that is; not the effort in bringing the victim up from below). I suspect the ship needs some additional radios as a matter of course, so the purchase of several additional radios so that FTV can join the net while performing our activities aboard would be a positive safety and administrative measure. I am aware that they are expensive, as I have purchased them at work, but I recommend TPWD get a proposal for purchase, as they may have a special price via their vendor. This will also insure that the appropriate frequencies are installed upon purchase. Let's find out what kind of price

tag we're talking about here before deciding how many to purchase, although your comments below are very valid. As a side note, we'll need chargers for them, too. I'd like to think that whatever we purchase in whatever number we decide, we can keep them available for FTV, and in return, keep FTV from having to "borrow" radios from the regular staff, interrupting their charging cycles, etc. On the light side, while we discovered some coordination issues with the local 911 dispatch center, we did have 3 emergency units respond. All things considered, I was pretty pleased with the overall response.

Don Fischer, President First Texas Volunteers

Editor’s Note: Stan, Dennis & Don raised a great point; We’ve had 10 radios on order since August….

To all of you who did the tours, it sounded like a very successful day. Thanks to all of you who did so will with the tours. I will write up the summary of the questionnaires as soon as I can.

Alita Morrison, First Texas Vols

Barbara, although I didn't get to complete the tour, I do want to say that I like the way it is done now with someone stationed at each of the interest areas to tell about that particular function instead of one person telling it all. The information gleaned from each stop was very informative. A good plan.

Sharron Waszkiewicz Houston, Texas

Barbara, sounds like this HHT was a great success. Congrats!!!

Tom Gillette, First Texas Vols

October 9 – October 15, 2006



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