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Hello Barbara, my wife and I would like to thank you and the rest of the "crew" for what I consider to be an upper tier experience. The tour was so well done. It was especially nice the way we were allowed to crawl around and explore the areas we were taken. Every one of the guides was very informative, easy to talk to and their enthusiasm was always on display. The "Booklet of General Plans" I purchased is most interesting and has allowed me to continue the tour well beyond our departure from the battleground. I have told anyone that stops long enough to listen how cool it was and I look forward to returning with some of them in the future. My hat is off to the work you people are accomplishing (wow! what a job in the boiler room). I would certainly like to help in the future but I must return to my own ship next week so hopefully when I return I can carve out some time. Again, thanks for a wonderful experience.

Tim & Page Wilhite Conroe, Texas

Barbara - this recent Battleship Texas hardhat tour was my third, and the best by far. The fellow who led our group (whose name I cannot recall) was outstanding. He was knowledgeable, informative, a good communicator, and kept putting little tidbits of history, personnel, battle action, etc into his comments. It was great, and the 3.5 hours went by very quickly. He apologized for keeping us a bit longer than promised, but no one minded a single bit. The boiler room is looking great - obviously a lot of work continues to happen there. And the passageway we went through that had recently been painted looked spectacular. I almost hope you plan to keep one section of passageway in its "original" condition so folks can see the before and after conditions. All in all, a great tour and experience. Thanks to all involved for their hard work in making this

program a success.

Jim Burton Missouri City, Texas

Hi all of you, I read all of the 83 questionnaires and put together a report of what they said. I hope that I was able to send to all of you who were part of the tour. I don’t know for sure who was there because Don managed the sending list and the answers he got back form all of you. Don, please forward this to those I missed getting it. All of you did a very good job giving the HHT. The weather was nice that day. We were lucky the tour did not end up on a rainy day. Barbara goes on to tell other important things which I will not repeat.

There were 83 questionnaires returned. The questionnaire asked if the visitors thought about the price. None thought the price was too high, 12 thought it was too low, 65 thought it was just right, 3 would have paid more, 3 left the spot blank. The visitors thought the most interesting spots were boiler room (35), turret, gun mount (44), Plot (9). The rest of the most interesting spaces covered many places on the ship that the tour visited.

Places to be added to the tour included many places including the admiral’s quarters and bridge, conning tower. Some wanted to see places that were dangerous to visit: the “crow’s nest,” chain locker, shaft alley, the highest decks above the admiral’s quarters. Many less dangerous places were the CIC, and places that are on regular tours, the galley, medical facilities, radio room, and just about any place you can think of on the ship (the list was long).

They rated the primary tour guide for knowledge rated 1 to 10 with 10 the best: 50 people rated the guide as 10, 5 more people rated the guide an equivalent of #10 with words like “great, ++, 100, or #11, 16 people rated the guide as 9, 10 people rated the guide as 8, 1 person rated the guide as 7. No one was rated lower. They rated the ability to impart knowledge #10 (66 including the praise words used), #9 (12 people), #8 (5 people). They rated general effectiveness of the docent #10 (50 people), #9 (20 people) #8 (4 people), #7 (1 person).

There were special comments directed to docents: “Great job – Dennis” and “Stan, loved his enthusiasm.” Length of tour was rated as: too long (8 people), too short (9 people), just right (65 people). Here are a few of the comments about the tour being just right length: “Just right for most folks. I’d like to see more”… “Long enough to impart very useful information. It was fine.”… “The guides were very accommodating for those of us who are slow.” Here are a few comments asking about anything to change during the tours: “Need more water, maybe a suggestion to bring water in some kind of belt holder.” … “Could you film the hard hat areas w/a guide and run the film continuously in an area for public viewing?”… “A working head would be great for such a long tour.” … “It is fine for the more physically able than I am.”

It was a very successful HHT. So to all of you, keep up your good work.

Alita Morrison, First Texas Vols

Editor’s Note: Alita has picked up where Ed left off with the HHT survey summaries…good work Alita!

October 9 – October 15, 2006



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