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As a result, when we get the email with the virus, the "reply-to" address might not accurately represent the address of the person with the infected computer. As a result, when we notify the originator of the blocked email, we might be sending to the person who was unfortunate to have their address used when the errant emails were created - and there's no way for our automated system to know who's really originating those infected email. So - if you receive a notice saying your email was rejected due to an errant file (possibly a virus), it's quite possible the virus really didn't originate from your computer. Although frustrating, there's little you can do about this - except to hope the person with the infected computer eventually gets it cleaned up. You can take comfort knowing it's a small probability the virus will use your address the next time it sends a mass mailing - hopefully it'll use some other address - and not yours. One final note..... Purely as a service to those who might have problems (and because it's convenient), I have a yahoo chat id of "johnbouma". If you have problems and see me online - feel free to shoot me a note and I might be able to help you "real-time". Although I "live" on the computer, I'm not online with Yahoo all that often, so you'll get a faster response if you contact me via email using the link at the bottom of this page.

Regards, John Bouma boumaj@berkutsystems.com

  • Next up, a timely announcement from our friends and neighbors with the Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Incidentally, TPWD officials will be attending a stakeholder meeting with this group, chaired by Representative Gene Green, on November 2. The story is about rescheduling a BBP special event:


Due to the heavy rains this past week, Buffalo Bayou Partnership announces the Buffalo Bayou Regatta, Texas’ largest canoe and kayak race, scheduled for Saturday, October 21, has been rescheduled for the spring of 2007. The projected water conditions for this weekend would be unsafe for many contestants. The rain has also felled various trees along Buffalo Bayou from the San Felipe Bridge to Sesquicentennial Park and they are obstructing the race route creating additional hazards. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing everyone next spring for an exciting Regatta! Stay tuned for further details. For additional information, please contact:

Trudi Smith at 713.752.0314 ext. 3 Or log on to www.buffalobayou.org.

  • We have some great feedback items this week, including Hard Hat Tour testimonials. Since we have

run this feature for so long, we thought we may as well assign a permanent header to identify it, so….


Angela, George spoke with me awhile ago about adding the Radio Room to the list of doors needing Plexiglas. He said that if we open the starboard ammo passageway to the public tour we would either have to close and lock the Radio Room or install a Plexiglas door so visitors could see in. I told him I would pass the idea along to you.

Rusty Bloxom, BB35 Historian

October 9 – October 15, 2006



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