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sea with no water sports or resorts. It requires a taxi from Philipsburg and gambling in the nearby Pelican Resort. The mountaintop between Simpson Bay and Cole Bay is extremely picturesque with a scenic overlook that has spectacular views of both sides of the island. Inside Simpson Bay Lagoon (a large enclosed salt water lagoon) you can rent watercraft. Kayaks can be rented here and you can kayak between Pinel Island where many partygoers get a great day of tanning. Dutch: Maho Bay Beach is a dramatic spot with airplanes passing right overhead to land nearby. It has craggy rocks with a white sand beach and wet bikes available for rent. Maho Beach is facing the west of the Caribbean sea, so sunset views are great, but sometimes obstructed by approaching airplanes landing at close by Princess Juliana airport (SXM).The beach is lined with rocks, and waters can be rough at times. Snorkeling is supposed to be good around the rocks. Don´t forget to bring your camera, because nowhere else will a Boeing 747 be passing as close over your head as on Maho Beach. Sit right in the middle of the beach, and you will get the full chilly blow! And when jets are taking off, the blast is so strong that it´s blowing sand and belongings all over the place! Plane sightings are best between 1-3pm (after 3 o’clock the planes will be much smaller.) Maho Bay has a sparkling beach ringed with seagrapes and shaded by palm trees. The beach has several nice hotels and restaurants, so it's convenient to go to those closeby facilities such as Caravanserai Resort, Cheri's Cafe, tthe Maho Bay Hotel and Casino and Sunset Beach Bar (lots of GREAT photos of jets landing here.). Check out jumbo jet arrival times throughout the year at: http://www.bywindkal.com/SXMJets.html Other nearby restaurants/bars include Driftwood, Boat and Bamboo Bernies (best seaweed salad.) http://www.stmartin.com/beaches/maho.html Cheri's in Maho. It's a fun place to go, the food is good but not spectacular. We recommend going for the entertainment. Make reservations and request a table in the center of the restaurant. Dutch: Cupecoy Beach is unspoiled with white sand, sandstone cliffs and shoreline caves with a strong surf near the border but clothing optional. The 10-20 feet high, golden sandstone cliff serves as the backdrop for Cupecoy beach. The width of the beach varies from season to season and can be quite tiny. This rich coral sand carpet is very popular and if you´d like to find a cave for yourself only, you have to get there early. What a picturesque beach! There isn't a very big swimming area here as there are a lot of rocks. Morning is a good time to go as there is some shade provided by the cliffs. We enjoyed sitting on some rocks watching the waves and the crabs scurrying around. There weren't many people here, but several were nude, even though this is a Dutch beach. There are no restaurants or bars on Cupecoy Beach, but you may see a local guy, type of Rastaman, come by from time to time with a cooler trying to sell you fresh soda or beer. Beach chairs, umbrellas and BBQ are also available and bars, cafés and resorts of the Cupecoy area are not too far away. We were a little nervous about where we had to park our car and the path to the beach was narrow.There are several pathways that lead to Cupecoy Beach--one access leads through a gate past the Cliffside Bar which is built into the cliffs above the beach. This bar provides one of the most magnificent sunset views on St. Maarten. So, a good time to enjoy this beach is (late) afternoon to watch the sun go down. As Cupecoy beach faces Southwest, there a splendid views of the sunset and the surf. http://www.stmartin.com/beaches/cupecoy.html Dutch: Mullet Bay is a mile-long beach that offers watercraft rentals (jet ski, wet bikes and water scooters) for privacy in the shelter of caves and cliffs. It is wide and flat with a stand of palm trees on the fringe. The backdrop of seagrapes gives an additional cooling natural shade to this picture-like beach. On the left of the beach, there are a few "Lolo´s" where you can get food & drinks. There are many shaded areas, so you can enjoy cover and privacy, or having a picnic. Mullet Bay is located along the golf course and is easily accessible. The ample parking right next to the beach makes Mullet a favorite with vacationers in the Simpson Bay area. Mullet Bay is also a wonderful setting to watch the sun go down into the ocean. On clear days, there is a fantastic view of the neighboring island of Saba. http://www.stmartin.com/beaches/mullet.html Dutch: Guana Bay is a long, wide bay with excellent sand, and at is so quiet, that ten visitors would already constitute a busy day. As it is exposed to the Atlantic, it gets a stronger surf on some days of the year. a surf that makes it attractive for body boarding and surfing. When you select Guana Bay, bring an umbrella, as there is no shade. The beach is large and almost deserted. Not too many people take the steep road over the hills to this shore Northeast of Philipsburg. Guana Bay has only one restaurant, the

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