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Kontiki http://www.kontikibeachsxm.com/ , Kakao http://www.kakaobeachsxm.com/ , Bikini Bikini Beach, Waikiki http://www.waikikibeachsxm.com/ and Coco Beach http://www.cocobeachsxm.com/ , named after their respective beach bars and each next to another. In fact, Orient Bay boats of numerous restaurants and bars along the beach, a panoply of water sport activities, boutiques and shops, hotels and resorts. Some of the bars are trendy hangouts, such as Boo Boo Jam or the Baywatch http://www.angelfire.com/il2/sxm/home/baywatch2005.html French: Orient Beach. We did the Afternoon Beach Bash from the ship. It was well worth it. It went to Orient Beach which is an optional clothing beach. Some people were nude, most people were wearing something. It was $36 a person but I didn't mind paying it. It's open bar all day, they have a beach chair for you and if you went there on your own, it would cost $18 one way cab fare, then you have to worry whether or not a cab would show up later to bring you back. There are places are Orient where there are no beach bars and where space is provided for people who want to sit on a towel. At Bikini Beach you see a higher percentage of people who don't want to pay for a lounge chair but just sit on a towel. FYI, any people sitting on a towel at one of the beach bar sections is viewed as a "cheap poacher" and is not taken kindly by the beach bars. French: We shared a taxi ($6.00 per person when you have at least 3 people) from pier to Orient Beach. Hint: if you only have 2 people, wait a few minutes for someone else to join you. We got dropped off at Pedro's Bar which was empty upon our arrival at 9:30 am but standing room only when we left the beach at 2:30 pm. After walking the beach we settled in at The Pirate Beach Bar Grill. We got two lounge chairs on the waterfront with a 3-inch-thick white chair pad, an umbrella, and two drinks for $14.00. Service by David was great. He'd check on us and reposition our umbrella to allow for more shade or sun as desired. Orient Beach is a beautiful white sand beach with blue and green waters which appeared clearer than Coki Beach on St. Thomas. This is a clothing-optional beach, and yes, folks exercising this option do walk the length of the beach or sunbathe along the beach. This beach had everything available for a price: jet ski, parasail, windsurfing, and more. Everytime we go to Orient, there are people parasailing. They seem to take off from a spot near Pedro’s, at the south end of the beach. A panoramic photo of all the beaches at Orient Bay: http://home.carolina.rr.com/photos2005/SmallOrientPanorama.htm Restaurants and map of Orient Beach: http://www.sxm-restaurants.com/orient/index.html http://www.islandhideaways.com/newsletter/mar05_stmartin_places.html http://www.gobeach.com/restrant.htm Favorite bars and shops on Orient Bay in order from Mount Vernon to Club Orient:

Mount Vernon www.mont-vernon.com Boo Boo Jam http://www.orient-beach.info/dining.htm Abandoned Building Coco Beach http://www.cocobeachsxm.com/ Waikiki Beach http://www.waikikibeachsxm.com/ La Playa beach bar http://www.hostehotel.com/restaurant.html Bikini Beach http://www.bikinibeach.net/ (plus free drink coupon!) Orient Village (off beach)-

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    Planet Orient

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    Tap Five Pizza

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    Tap Five convenience store/deli

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    Bistro Belge

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    Le Fish Bar

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    Le Chaplau

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    Cote Plage

Club NathalieSimon http://www.wind-adventures.com kite surfing, etc Kakao Beach http://www.kakaobeachsxm.com/ Kontiki http://www.kontikibeachsxm.com/ Cool Corner

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