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(unless you pay $2 more per person). Unfortunately, the buses are NOT especially useful for getting to some of the more popular beaches. They do not go to Orient Beach, Dawn Beach, Baie Rouge, Le Gallion, Divi Little Bay, Petit Plage or Anse Marcel. They are useful if you want to go to Marigot or the Maho Beach area. The Wathey pier is the new pier, built especially for cruise ships. You can get a taxi for $6-$7 per passenger to take you to Orient Beach, a 20 minute drive, as long as there are three or more in the cab. Ride sharing is common as many people on the ship go to Orient. When you decide to leave Orient there will be cabs waiting, once again pool yourself to get more riders to cut the per person cost. It will be a 20 minute ride to P-Burg and shopping. From P-Burg you can either get a cab back to the pier for $3 ( a 20 minute walk, otherwise) or buy a ticket on the water taxi back to the pier for $3 per person. Wathey Pier holds four cruise ships. Check out www.sxmtaxi.com for private cabs on St Maarten. Take the $5 unlimited rides water taxi. It took us about 15 minutes to walk from the pier into town where the taxis are.. the weather was fine when we happened to be there, and like you mentioned, we felt good walking after stuffing ourselves on board. When we were there, the water taxi lines were huge... walking was signficantly faster... but the comments are correct, it is not very scenic... but we saw parts of island life most didn't! We were the only ship in port that day and the water taxi wasn't running and this was so

easy and safe to do! Rent a car in St Maarten/Martin: http://www.avissxm.com/

or http://www.firstclass-cars.com/


http://www.valuecarrental.com/ Henry Car Rental at Pointe Blanche cruise facility 599-542-2199 We paid $ 80.00 but had a brand new jeep wrangler 4 wheel drive from Hertz and that was with a discount. I have heard of other people getting small Toyotas and such for less but there were 4 of us and we wanted the open top and the 4 wheel drive capability which we did use we rented from Hertz and they were right there at the dock (2 minute walk from gangplank). Rental dealers have referred to negative exposure because messages are appearing on the Internet advising tourists not to rent cars with R-plates and urging them to rent rental cars that are registered in French St. Martin and carry normal licenses with M-plates. R-plates identify you as a tourist and can make you a target for crime. Rent Jeeps from Arthur’s Rental. I was surprised just how close Arthur’s was to the pier.He was nothing short of "GREAT".We rented 3 Jeeps and he even drove us back to the shopping area when we were done.I would highly recommend Arthur’s to all. It is just a few hundred yards from the front gate. Just turn right out the gate and follow the road around the bend—Arthur’s is on the left. It is a bit of a walk from the ship to the front gate. Don’t forget to take the extra insurance-- I believe Arthur's insurance cost is $15 per vehicle in addition to the rental rate. I have rental coverage with my regular insurance here at home, but my agent told me a few years back to always take their insurance... it would be worth the few bucks spent for the hassle saved should you ever need it. http://www.arthurscarrental.com/index.htm Rent scooters from Go Scoot 599-544-3233 Rent ATV or scooters from Nasa Rental 542-8975 (near cruise ship pier-kids allowed, no guided tours or restrictions) Rent scooters from Rodael Rental 542-5255 Rent from Yamaha 544-3249 Quad' Venture: 4-wheeler tours at Orient Bay (half day tour starts at $60-no kids allowed on vehicles.)

0599-524-1624 St. Maarten is NOT a good location to rent a scooter. Every road is a main arterial and on the French side "suicycles" frequently run the centerline even into oncoming traffic and blind curves. There were several fellows selling excursions for ATV’s when you get off the water taxi but they had age restrictions. A few of the guys said that 15 and up could drive if you signed a waiver releasing them of all liability but they would not let my 12 year old drive. They have singles and doubles so if most are over 15 than they can drive and the younger ones can double up with an adult. Depending on the number in your group you should be able to just walk off and book with one of these companies. Also you should

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