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have adequate driving skills as you do go through areas with traffic. Rent a Harley Davidson at http://www.h-dstmartin.com/main.htm or Harley Davidson 599 5-42704

Food and Drink

http://www.stmartin.com/restaurant.html http://www.sxm-restaurants.com/ http://www.experiencestmaarten.com/dining/ http://www.gobeach.com/restrant.htm http://www.sxmsaintmartin.com/restaurants-st-martin/creole/pages/rosemarys.htm http://www.caribbean-on-line.com/diningreviews/ http://www.stmartin.com/entertainment.html for island bars and nightlife On the pier just beyond where the cruise ships dock is Sharky's. It's in the same area as the water taxi and you can't beat the ice cold beer there and beautiful view of the harbor! What could be better than sipping your favorite cocktail or beer on a stool with that view! It's our favorite watering hole in St. Maarten, we've been there several times. It's also a great place to hang right before boarding the ship at the end of the day. Try Pirates in Paradise Beach Bar for a drink and order ribs, fries and guavaberry colada buckets! Yes.......I said buckets, they were red sand buckets with a shovel and they were only $10.....and yes, we finished them! I think the ribs were only $7.00 and they were delicious! It's right on the beach in Phillipsburg where you get off the water taxis. I'll recommend three places where we have eaten and been very pleased.The Pasanggrahan Guest House is on the water over on the 'right hand' side of Front Street (facing the Court House). "A special place for special people".http://www.pasanhotel.com/restaurant.html Anand is an Indian restaurant on a side alley off of Front Street. Lots of the local Indian community and Front Street merchants enjoy lunch here. It is off to the 'left' from the Court House but no view. Shivsagar is a much more upscale Indian restaurant, to the right, near the Pasanggrahan—great food but, again, no view. Upstairs. None of these suggestions are cheap . Spiga http://www.spiga-sxm.com/ Yes, they definitely serve Guavaberry Coladas at Taloula Mango's, Taloula Mango’s has wonderful food and entertainment on certain nights... well actually their food is over priced and over rated.. but the atmosphere on a Saturday night is absolutely delightful...I think that’s jazz night, when the boardwalk is full of tourists and locals alike, you just randomly mix and drink...oh don’t forget to try their Haitian voodoo wings... and also at their sister restaurant, across from the Court House,--Kangaroo Court. http://www.taloulamangos.com/menus.html To make a Guavaberry Colada, use a standard size blender

  • 1)

    Fill it to the top with ice

  • 2)

    dump 1/4 bottle of guavaberry in.

  • 3)

    Run blender on liquify for about 15 - 20 secends

  • 4)

    1 small can of Dole pineapple juice (we by the 6 pack)

  • 5)

    2 gernerous spoon full scoops of cream of coconut

  • 6)

    Run blender for 15 seconds

  • 7)

    Stir with a wooden spoon

  • 8)

    Run blender until all the ice is crushed and the drink is smooth

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As an option you can top off the cup with a little bit of quavaberry. Or try the island version: http://www.st-maarten.com/recipes.htm Try "Johnny B Under The Tree". He lights up his grills about 5:00pm and puts the meat on when they're hot--cicken, ribs and lobster only. A half a grilled chicken runs about $3.50 while a rack of baby back ribs are $5.00. Lobster depends on the size. It's a small roadside place (literally) under a tree that serves the best barbequed chicken, pork & beef. A man named Johnny cooks it out back on a grill & people are willing to wait in line for it.Johnny B is only open in the evening and is located at the south end of Simpson Lagoon. As you come down the hill (on AC Browers Road) toward Simpson Bay, the road

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