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http://www.halseysrestaurant.com/ Go wild at http://www.sunsetbeachbar.com/livecam near the airport in Philipsburg on Maho Bay just outside the Caravanserai Reort entrance.. http://www.sopranospianobar.com/

http://www.buccanLa Beerbar.com/index.php A great bar AND a great list of links to everything St Maarten/Martin!! http://www.theplatinumroom.com/

French: Marigot’s noteworthy restaurants: La Brasserie de Marigot (rue du General de Gaulle) for French Caribbean cooking at streetside tables. La Cottage (Blvd Grand Case) French Creole with good wines. http://www.restaurantlecottage.com/ The Rainbow (Blvd de Grand Case) Caribbean seafood. Le Santal (Nettle Bay Beach) internationally renowned as one of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. Petit Club (Front de Mer) serving Creole and French dishes in a colorful setting. La Vie en Rose (rue de La

Republique) for French/Caribbean lunch. http://www.lavieenrosestmartin.com/ http://www.sunset-cafe.com/ Le Belle Epoque http://www.sxm-restaurants.com/marigot/belle_epoque/index.html Walk along the waterfront in Marigot and go to the Marina for lunch.

Sunset Beach Café

The Tropicana is near the dock and overlooks the bay. I can not recommend this small French restaurant enough; it was moderately priced and served great French food on the bay for Marigot/Pinel Isle snorkel. My personal favorite picks for fun/nice places to eat are:

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    Cheri's Cafe: located near the airport, in the Maho area. Cheri's is a nice place, with so many tourists and

locals on the weekends especially. It is an outdoor restaurant with so much live entertainment. There's several performing employees, live music, they involve the crowd and ask everyone to participate and always look for volunteers to do fun stuff and there's a dance floor. The music is mainly Caribbean-ish music with a twist. I think you'll like it. Cuisine is mainly American, they serve Pastas, Salads, Sandwiches, Meat, Sides, Desserts, Drinks etc. They are closed during one day of the week which is Tuesdays or Wednesdays (I think?!?)

Jimbo's: Contrary to Cheri's, Jimbo's is a quiet place but their atmoshere is their ambiance. It is located in Simpson Bay in the road across from Pelican, at La Palapa Center its called. Its a little hidden but very cozy. The cuisine is Mexican...Enchiladas, Fajitas, Nachos, Chimichangas, Burrito's and Taco's etc. Nice food, and its a dim outdoor place but surrounding you are trees, a small pool that reaches around the whole restaurant with its water, and there's a small waterfall at the front.

Rick's Place: If you are into American food, with mainly tourists surrounding you, and you like to watch sports, go here. It is also located in Simpson Bay after the bridge. Most customers are tourists from the USA and the restaurant has tv's to show you sports when the big games and tournaments are on tv. I have been here a few times and I think its pretty nice.

Pizza Pasta: Also another restaurant loved by tourists. It is located right behind Cheri's Cafe. Of course, as the name suggests, it is Italian food. The owner, Ilde, is a really nice lady. She loves to greet her guests as if they were her family. The only con to this place is that it is too small (but I think it is rather cozy). She is usually full to capacity so you may have to wait for anywhere between 10 minutes to 1/2 hour to wait for a table. I got to say though, the Italian food here is the best!!!! Most of her customers are













Sugar Cane Cafe: If you are in the mood to just dine with your sweat pants and t-shirt on, go here. LOL! It is located outside Atlantis Casino in Cupecoy which is a 5 minute drive from Maho. It's opened pretty late on weekends (till 4 a.m. I think) and it is usually busy around the clock, especially at peak hours. Very laid back outdoor dining. They serve up wraps, sandwiches, drinks, burgers, appetizers, salads etc. And they have a big screen tv on which they play anything from the news to sports, depending on the

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