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crowd. Lots of younger people (in their 20's) hang out here though you will still find anyone old or young.

Lido's Barbecue: outdoor area in Simpson Bay, across from Marshall Motor's. Very reasonable prices for barbecue. But its a very cheap-ish atmosphere. Most people buy their food and take it home to eat but it is a local favorite and my pick for best barbecue here. They barbecue ribs, chicken and got only knows what else. They also serve barbecue food with rice and beans, scalloped potatoes, salad, and/or macaroni pie.

Tropicana: Outdoor restaurant in the French Side's Marina. Love their food! French food mainly. Not as expensive as Temptation but still a bit pricey. Good food, the greatest desserts too!!!! I love their profiterol and chaud froid. Try it!

Temptation: Located in Atlantis Casino behind Sugar Cane Cafe (go through the rear entrance). If you want upscale pricey/expensive dining, this is your #1 place to go. I have only been there once for dessert, and it has got to be the BEST dessert I have ever had on St.Maarten (other than Tropicana which has excellent desserts too). I had the wet chocolate cobbler, chocolate cheesecake and strawberries with toppings. Don't worry, I didn't eat it all by myself but I was with a group and we all shared dessert. My cousin went there and said that everything that they virtually make tastes great. Also, I believe that they have a different dinner menu every night of the week. You should see the chinaware. Very pretty, but what else can you expect from such a pricey place? Choice of indoor/outdoor seating-leogirl Try Holland House Hotel http://www.hhbh.com/ or Horizon Hotel http://www.horizon-hotel.com/ with its great Caribbean lunches at the outdoor café and red umbrellas on the beach side along the boardwalk about ½ block from the water taxi stop.


http://www.stmartin.com/shopping.html http://www.experiencestmaarten.com/shopping/ http://aboutoldstreet.com/ -directory of stores in Philipsburg There are very few stores at the pier (unlike St Thomas which has 100+ at the Havensight pier.) Boolchands is there and a few others. Better to have the cab drop you off at the center of P-Burg and come back to the ship by the water taxi, regular taxi or by hoofing it ( a 25 minute walk) The Dutch side offers some of best discounts on European products in the Caribbean and the stores are almost all open from 9-5pm. Stores on the French side often close down for 1½ hours in the mid- afternoon. Either get dropped off in downtown Phillipsburg after going to the beach or take the water taxi next to the ship pier. You will be dropped off on the boardwalk at either the middle or at one end. Walking the board walk will take you past many restaurants and bars; most are across the boardwalk from the beach, but there are a couple near the end of the boardwalk that are on the sand in a grove of trees--nice place to relax. Shopping is mostly one block back from the beach on Front Street; also there is shopping near the Town Pier (watertaxi dropoff) and on Old Street which goes inland off of Front Street you can find cafes, shops, and, especially, the Belgian Chocolate Shop!Guavaberry Liqueur is a specialty of the island and all its varieties and even spices can be bought at the Guavaberry Emporium--recommend you look at the Emporium, maybe buy spices, but buy the liqueur at one of the liquor stores like Rams. For Pirates of Caribbean fans you might want to get a snack and drink at the Black Pearl on the Boardwalk--we found this place on our way to St Vincent where the film was made. There are all the usual diamond places on Front, but also there is a delft china shop and linen stores. On Old Street and Front there are "That Yoda Guy" shops Philipsburg - Wathey Square contains a late 18th century courthouse, gingerbread buildings and a lively market with restaurants and shops. Side streets here conceal lush courtyards and more boutiques and cafes. Prices here are not generally as good as in St Thomas. Marigot - rue de la Republique, rue de la Liberte or Marina Port La Royale are havens for stylish shops

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