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6 Golden Rules to Save Money and Environment

New technologies alongside the best demonstrated practices allow you to respect the environment, protect your employees and save money.

Stick to these six simple rules, and improve your shop efficiency quickly and effortlessly. This will be your key to business success.

2. KEEP ALL CONTAINERS SHUT Close the cans immediately after the use. This practice will reduce evaporative losses of solvents and vapour emissions as well as painter inhalation exposures.It will also keep the products at the right viscosity. A can of thinner with a diameter of 15 cm at 20°C will give a loss of 35-ml solvent evaporation per day.

4. COMPUTER MIXING SYSTEM Use Color Access® 5 mixing system to mix only the quantities of paint, primers and clears needed to complete the paint job. Mixing by weight gives more accuracy with small amount of paints.

USE OF HVLP SPRAY GUNS and Wet-On-Wet SPRAYING TECHNIQUES High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray guns are recommended for all painting tasks. They transfer paint more efficiently, up to 20% more than conventional guns while reducing overspray.

5. WASTE REDUCTION A more efficient use of paints and solvents lets you save the amount of materials per refinish job and lower

Limited Flash/WOW spraying techniques also reduce 10% of paint materials usage.

You will have cleaner and productive paint jobs with less sanding and polishing works.

  • 1.


    • Dry sanding saves time

    • Use quality sandpaper and follow the supplier recommendations

    • Sand steps max difference P100 sandpaper

    • Sanding machine is to be placed on the surface before starting to sand

    • To finish use an orbital 3 mm along with an interface pad

    • Always use Dust Extraction sanding paper

waste removal costs. Mix only the amount of paints and coatings you need!

6. COST-EFFECTIVE EQUIPMENTS & M A T E R I A L S M A I N T E N A N C E A regular maintenance of your equipment will help to deliver quality work. • Clean the spray gun after the use with the correct cleaner, • Change the filters of the spray booth periodically. You will avoid wasting energy and have a positive impact on your costs.


PROTECTION Use always a proper personal protective equipment while spraying, mixing and preparation work. Install an adequate ventilation system in the mixing room. This will reduce painter inhalation exposures to coating and solvent vapours.



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