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Looking Back on 2008: A year of Innovation

2008 was a successful and exciting year with the introduction of many innovative products. Customers are increasingly looking to the technology innovation to provide solutions optimized for achieving productivity and speeding up the repair process.


808 1K Rub-Thru Primer 1K Rub-Thru Aerosol Primer can be used as a wash primer with very good adhesion properties or as a filler primer with very good filling volume.Quick application, excellent corrosion protection, rapid drying.

050 Fade-Out Thinner 050 Fade-Out Thinner is a special product for homogenous paint transitions in the blending area.

500 1K CLEAR 1K Clear is an ideal product for spot repairs and parts refinishing. It is recommended for quick coating and sealing of repair or new paint jobs.

153 Silicone Remover 153 Silicone Remover facilitates the removal of wax,fat,oil,silicone and other contaminating agents. It is the ideal product for the preparation of spot repair and refinishing of parts.

USP 90 Liquid Scuffing Agent USP90 is a water based product that contains super fine micro-crystals. It increases the effectiveness of a nylon scuffpad when preparing a panel for refinishing.



321 2K HS VOC Clear A 420 g/l VOC, polyurethane, high solid clearcoat that offers excellent gloss, appearance and durability. It can be used for both total resprays and for small spot repairs.

314 2K VOC Filler 314 2K VOC Filler is an acrylic-urethane filler that displays excellent flow, and good filling properties. It is easy to apply and to sand and suitable for both small and large repairs.

E2G970 Corrosion Shield E2G970 is a premium quality, self-etching, lead and chromate free wash primer, which provides the highest quality performance in direct to metal adhesion and corrosion resistance.

S41 W/W Sealer Converter for HPP S41 converts High Performance Primer into a Primer Sealer. It guarantees on extended Wet-On-Wet recoat window of 5-120 minutes.

AWX® Slow Basecoat Reducer AWX Slow Basecoat Reducer provides optimal results in hot weather temperatures in alternative to the Deionised Water.It reduces dry spray and improves flow and levelling.

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