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SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course


All participants are Safety Officers; however, it is the ultimate responsibility of the Range Officers to assure the safety rules are consistently followed. The following outlines specific safety violations and their penalties.

Illegal equipment penalties are not awarded backwards. If a shooter is found to have illegal equipment, no penalty will be assessed for the stage(s) already completed.

If a Range Officer elects not to penalize a shooter that has not complied with a rule, the effect is penalizing all other match participants that did comply.

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    Every firearm must be treated with respect! Covering or sweeping an individual or group with the muzzle of an empty gun will result in a Stage Disqualification. Covering or sweeping an individual or group with the muzzle of a loaded gun will result in a Match Disqualification. Handling guns away from the firing line should be avoided but if necessary should be limited to safe areas.

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    Long guns will have their actions open with chambers and magazines empty and muzzles pointed in a safe direction when being carried to and from the designated loading and unloading areas for each stage. Chambers and magazines must be empty and actions open for all firearms transported at a match. Muzzle direction is important between, before, and after shooting a stage. A muzzle must not be allowed to “sweep” the other participants between stages, or when moving the firearms from the gun cart to the loading tables. The muzzles of all long guns must be maintained in a safe direction (generally “up” and slightly down range), even when returning to the unloading table. A holstered revolver (loaded or empty) with the hammer fully down on an empty chamber or expended case is considered safe and may not be interpreted as sweeping another shooter while safely secured in the holster. Failure to manage safe muzzle direction, even though no individual is swept, is grounds for Stage Disqualification, and for repeated offenses, Match Disqualification.

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    All firearms will remain unloaded except while under direct observation of a designated person on the firing line or in the designated loading and unloading areas. NOTE: Percussion revolver shooters must ensure they maintain safe muzzle direction during loading and have fired or cleared all capped chambers prior to leaving the unloading area. It is not permissible to seat percussion caps on a revolver’s nipple using the gun’s hammer. Some Range Officers will require the percussion revolvers be cleared before leaving the firing line. Failure to adhere to loading and unloading procedures will result in a Stage Disqualification. Leaving the unloading table without clearing all firearms is failure to adhere to unloading procedures and will result in the penalty being assessed on the stage where the infraction was committed.

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    Six-guns are ALWAYS loaded with only five rounds and the hammer lowered and resting on the empty chamber. Five-shooters may load five rounds, but the hammer must rest on a dummy chamber, safety slot or pin in the cylinder so the hammer does not rest on a live round/cap. All guns are loaded based upon stage requirements. If a particular stage requires a one shot reload, the sixth chamber of percussion revolvers may be charged at the bench and

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