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SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course

Staged rounds that are dropped back where they were staged are NOT considered “dead.” For example, if a round is staged in a box on a table and it is dropped back into the box, it may be picked up. If it falls onto the table, it may not be picked up. Rounds safely “placed” onto a prop from their original loading area are not considered “dropped” rounds as long as recovering these rounds does not create loss of muzzle control.

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    The Unloading Officer MUST inspect all firearms before they leave the stage. Rifles must have their action cycled for the Unloading Officer and chambers inspected. All revolvers, whether used or not in the stage, must be inspected, including cap and ball revolvers. Shotguns must have actions open or cycled and chambers inspected. It is acceptable to leave one or more chambers charged in a percussion revolver so long as the caps are removed from the nipples.

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    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the range area for all persons, shooters, guests, range officers, and others until all shooting is over for the day and firearms have been stored. You must also take into consideration the rules of the specific range in this matter and respect those rules. A violation of this rule will result in Match Disqualification.

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    No shooter may ingest any substance that may affect his or her ability to participate with a maximum state of awareness and in a completely safe manner. Both prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals that may cause drowsiness or any other physical or mental impairment must be avoided. A violation of this rule will result in a Match Disqualification and ejection from the range.

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    Hearing protection is highly recommended and eye protection is mandatory in and around the shooting areas. While small, period glasses look great, full protection, high impact glasses are strongly recommended. Eye protection is mandatory for all shooters and spectators within direct line of sight of steel targets.

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    All loading and unloading shall be conducted only in the designated areas. NOTE: Percussion revolver shooters must exercise care to ensure they maintain safe muzzle direction during loading and have fired or cleared all caps prior to leaving the unloading area. It is not permissible to seat percussion caps on a revolver’s nipple using the gun’s hammer. Percussion revolvers may only be capped at the loading area or on the firing line.

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    Dry firing at the loading table is not allowed and will result in a Stage Disqualification. Dry firing is allowed only at designated safe areas. Dry firing is defined as the act of bringing the gun into a shooting position, cocking the hammer, and pulling the trigger as if to cause the gun to fire normally.

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    Only registered competitors may wear firearms.

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    If a competitor has a firearm malfunction that cannot be cleared on the line, the firearm may not be removed from the firing ling/unloading area until the firearm has been cleared. A Match Disqualification will be awarded to the shooter if the firearm leaves the firing line/unloading area with the firearm unless under the direct supervision of a Match Official.

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