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SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course

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Fees may be charged to file a protest, preventing frivolous protests. The fees are sometimes returned if the protest is upheld.

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    Minor safety infractions occurring during a course of fire that do not directly endanger persons will result in a 10-second penalty being added to the shooter’s time for that stage. “Minor” safety infractions are occurrences such as failure to open a long gun’s action at the conclusion of a shooting string or failure to return an empty revolver to its holster at the conclusion of a shooting string.

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    Major safety infractions will result in the shooter’s Disqualification from the Stage or Match. “Major” infractions include: a dropped gun, a discharge that is unsafe or a discharge that impacts less than ten feet from the shooter, violation of the 170° safety rule, “sweeping” any person with the muzzle of a firearm, and similar acts that have high potential for personal injury. There are circumstances where a single Major Safety violation will result in a Match Disqualification. (See Addendum for listing of penalties.)

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    A safe and sturdy place should be provided at each stage to position the shooter’s firearms and is mandatory to use. Whether or not they are available, it is the shooter’s responsibility to take reasonable care in putting down the gun. If the gun falls, the Range Officer shall make the determination of fault: either Prop Failure or Safety Violation as appropriate. RE-SHOOTS/RESTARTS

SASS matches above the club level are “no alibi” matches. Once the first round goes down range, the competitor is committed to the stage and must finish the stage to the best of his or her ability. Reshoots/restarts are not awarded for ammunition or firearm malfunctions. However, if there is a range failure (failure of props, timer, or the range officers) beyond the competitor’s control, a restart may be granted. On a reshoot/restart, the competitor starts over clean, carrying only accrued safety penalties forward. At all SASS annual club, state, Regional, National, and World Championship matches, no reshoots/restarts will be given after the first shot goes down range as determined by the Chief Range Officer and the Match Director, except for:

  • Prop or match equipment failure

  • A Range Officer impeding the progress of the shooter

  • Timer failure or unrecorded time

For example, if the Range Officer stops a shooter from completing a shooting sequence because of a suspected squib load, and the gun turns out to be “clear,” the Range Officer has impeded the progress of the shooter, and a restart is in order. In this case, the shooter starts over with no misses or penalties (except safeties).

Proper coaching or no coaching at all is not considered RO Interference and therefore will never be grounds for a reshoot/restart.

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