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SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course

To help understand this concept, a “MISS FLOW CHART” is found in Appendix C. It is also good to understand “A MISS CANNOT CAUSE A PROCEDURAL.”

10- SECOND PENALTIES Procedural Penalties

Any unintentional procedural errors caused by “brain fade,” confusion, ignorance, or mistakes (not to exceed one for any given stage).

  • Failure to attempt to fire a firearm.

  • Failure to attempt a prop or stage maneuver.

  • Shooting targets in an order other than as required by stage description.

  • Engaging the stage (firearms, targets, or maneuvers) in an order other than as required by the stage description.

  • Failure to adhere to the guidelines of the category in which you are competing.

  • Firing any firearm from a position or location other than as required by the stage description.

  • Use of "illegally acquired" ammunition (i.e. NOT carried to the line/staged by the shooter in an approved manner) Minor Safety Penalties

  • Not leaving a long gun action open at the end of the shooting string or before the next firearm is fired.

  • Leaving empty or live rounds in magazine or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded.

  • Loading more than the correct number of live rounds in a firearm.

  • Not returning revolvers to leather unless otherwise specified.

  • Open, empty long guns that slip and fall but do not break 170° safety rule or sweep anyone.

  • Retrieving a dropped “dead” round.

  • Cocking a revolver before it reaches 45 degrees downrange.

Accommodations are always allowed for those unable to comply with specific stage procedures due to physical limitations with no procedural penalties assessed.


  • Any dropped unloaded gun on the firing line (from the loading table to the unloading table).

  • Long guns that slip and fall and break the 170° safety rule.

  • A discharge striking anything five to ten feet from the shooter. Note: Exception under item 13 Appendix A

  • Violation of the 170° safety rule/ Failure to manage appropriate muzzle control.

  • Returning a revolver to leather with hammer not fully down on spent round or empty chamber.

  • A cocked revolver leaving the shooter’s hand.

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