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COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course


The design and production of this course has evolved from many years of running matches and a need for match to match consistency. Shooters at all SASS matches will benefit greatly by the consistency this course provides. This course material is designed to help clarify and interpret the SASS Handbook. This document may be copied by any SASS Affiliated Club for use in the SASS Range Operations training program.

SASS encourages the broadest dissemination of this material to its members as possible. Those SASS members who receive this Range Operations Basic Safety Course training, taught by a certified SASS Range Officer Instructor will be awarded a yellow SASS pin as evidence of satisfactory course completion.

Consistency is important—undefined rules and gray areas cause hard feelings, misunderstandings, and arguments.

The purpose of this course is to ensure safety and consistency at every SASS club match, no matter what size the match. Each SASS competitor who sets foot on a range is a Safety Officer, responsible for his own safety and the safety of those nearby. It is our intent every SASS competitor has the knowledge to function as a Range Officer, given appropriate coaching on the range by experienced personnel.

The Posse Leader’s role is to keep the posse running efficiently, safely, and consistently. It is the responsibility of club officials to determine the qualifications, experience, maturity, and judgment of its match officials and appoint appropriately trained individuals as Range Officers for their matches.

The rules and disciplines described in this course will not impose any undue hardship or additional financial burden on any club. It will, however, train our members to be safe and consistently penalize unsafe gun handling. Shooters who travel to SASS matches or clubs will feel comfortable knowing the safety rules and procedural penalties are consistent with their home club. They will also feel comfortable knowing the scoring, guns, and equipment are consistent with the SASS Shooters Handbook.

All SASS Range Officers must know and understand the most current version of the SASS Shooters Handbook, be informed, and understand any recent changes. It is recommended all posse leaders be trained in this Basic Range Operations Course. As of December 7, 2003, successful completion of this course, as well as the Range Officer Training Course, became required in order for a person to hold the position of Territorial Governor for a SASS–affiliated club. We must keep in mind what firearms are designed to do, and remember they can be very dangerous and deadly unless great care is taken while handling and shooting them. We must always treat every firearm as loaded and ready to fire!

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