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SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course


170º Safety Rule - means the muzzle of the firearm must always be pointed down range +/- 85 degrees in any direction. Adjustable sight style revolver – a revolver with dovetailed or adjustable rear sights and/or dovetailed front sights. Ramp style front sights are allowed if original to the firearm. Basketball Traveling rule – aka movement with a firearm. Once the firearm is cocked, one foot must remain in place on the ground until the firearm is made safe. This means, on revolvers, you may move, restage, or re-holster when the hammer is down on an empty chamber or expended case. You may move with a rifle or shotgun when the action is open or hammer(s) down on an empty chamber(s) or an expended case(s). Cleared – no live or empty cases in or on the chamber, magazine or carrier. Cocked – hammer not fully down (full, half-cock or safety notch). Committed – the point at which a firearm would have to be made safe to leave the shooter’s hand, and the point when the shooter is required to continue with the course of fire. Commonly available – obtainable by anyone given ordinary circumstances with ordinary means. Course of fire – from the beep of the timer once the shooter has signified “ready” to last the shot fired. Double Duelist shooting style - a revolver cocked and fired one handed and unsupported, with each hand, that is, left gun with the left hand and right gun with the right hand. The revolver, hand or shooting arm may not be touched by the offhand except when resolving a malfunctioning revolver problem. Down range – 180 degrees from the shooter toward the targets of a stage. Dropped round/firearm – a round/firearm that has left the shooter’s control and come to rest at a location or position other than where it was intended. Dry firing – defined as the act of bringing of an unloaded firearm into a shooting position, cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger as if to cause the gun to fire normally. Duelist shooting style – a revolver cocked and fired one handed, unsupported. The revolver, hand, or shooting arm may not be touched by the off hand except when resolving a malfunctioning revolver problem or when transferring the revolver from one hand to the other. Engaged – attempting to fire a round at the target. Equipment – any non apparel item that you take to the firing line. Failure to engage – willfully or intentionally disregarding the stage instructions in order to obtain a competitive advantage and is not simply because a competitor “makes a mistake.” Applies only to non-shooting situations such as refusing to rope a steer, throw a stick of dynamite or otherwise make an attempt to complete any other non-shooting procedure written within the stage instructions. Firing line – From first firearm placed on the loading table until all firearms are confirmed as cleared at the unloading table. Fixed Sight style revolver - barrel mounted, fixed metallic foresights of a simple blade, bead, or post configuration combined with a simple open notched rear sight cut into the frame, hammer, or latch mechanism. (note exceptions for conversion revolvers).

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