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SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course

Free Style – shooter has the option of shooting Two-handed style or Duelist style. Gunfighter shooting style – shooting a revolver in each hand. Revolvers must be cocked and fired one handed, unsupported, one right handed and the other left handed. There is no set pattern as to how the revolvers are to be fired Hammer down – hammer fully down at its final resting position. Illegally acquired ammunition – ammo NOT carried to the line or staged by the shooter in an approved manner. Loaded Firearm - Any firearm with unfired round(s) in the action/chamber/magazine. Location – a physical point on a stage e.g. “behind the door….” Major Safety Violation – a safety infraction that has a high potential for personal injury. Minor Safety Violation – handling or firing a gun in a manner that is unsafe but does not directly endanger persons. Miss – a failure to hit the appropriate target type using the appropriate firearm type. For further explanation of how to assess a miss, see “Miss Flow Chart” in the appendix to ROI Manual. (see also “5-second Penalties” section of the ROI “PENALTY OVERVIEW”) Position – the posture and stance of the shooter e.g. “the shooter starts with hands touching hat…” Power factor - Bullet weight (in grains) times the velocity(in feet per second); divided by 1000. The minimum standard in all SASS matches for smokeless categories is not less than 60 and no velocity less than 400 fps. Maximum velocity for revolvers is 1000 fps. Maximum velocity for rifles is 1400 fps. Procedural – an unintentional action where the competitor does not follow the Stage instructions, can include actions/omissions other than firing a round e.g. failure to adhere to category requirements. Progressive Penalty - Procedural for the first infraction, Stage Disqualification for the second infraction, Match Disqualification for the third infraction. Example: failure to adhere to category requirements. Reshoot – score recorded, the competitor starts over clean, carrying accrued safety penalties. Both scores turned in. Restart – no recorded score, shooter is given a clean restart. Shooting string – shots from one type of firearm prior to use of the next type of firearm engaged. Stage – synonomous with “Course of Fire” from the beep of the timer once the shooter has signified “ready” to the last shot fired. Two handed shooting style – aka “Traditional” or - shooter holds a single revolver with two hands. Up range – 180 degrees from the shooter away from the targets of a stage.

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