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COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course


Good sportsmanship best defines “the Spirit of the Game.” When designing and running a match, every match Director and Range Officer must keep in mind the event is solely for the safe enjoyment of the shooters. Range Officers must be professional, polite, and friendly. The SASS Shooters Handbook is to be followed in designing a match, and SASS rules enforced equally and consistently. These rules have been developed over time and provide our sport with a high level of safety and consistency. This course was designed to give you a better understanding of the rules and how to apply them.

Completion of this basic safety course shows your commitment to SASS and demonstrates your willingness to jump in and help out where needed on your posse.

Because our goal is to provide a safe and fun shooting experience, any competitor or Range Official who uses foul language or becomes belligerent or threatening in any manner will be disqualified from the event, and, at the Match Director’s discretion, may be required to leave the range.


A “failure to engage” occurs when a competitor willfully or intentionally disregards the stage instructions in order to obtain a competitive advantage and is not assessed simply because a competitor “makes a mistake.” A Failure to Engage applies only to non-shooting situations such as refusing to rope a steer, throw a stick of dynamite or otherwise make an attempt to complete any other non-shooting procedure written within the stage instructions. In such a case, in addition to any penalties for misses, a 30-second failure to engage/Spirit of the Game penalty is assessed.

SAFETY RULES (FIRST, LAST, AND ALWAYS) All competitors are Safety Officers.

Our sport, by its very nature, has the potential to be dangerous, and a serious accident can occur. However, the history of SASS–affiliated matches is free of any serious accident.

Every participant in a SASS match is expected to be a Safety Officer. Each shooter’s first responsibility is for his or her own safe conduct, and all shooters are expected to remain alert for unsafe actions by others.

Range Officers and shooters are expected to confront any participant observed in an unsafe situation, and it is expected the matter will quickly be corrected and not repeated. Any argument concerning the correction of a safety related matter can be expected to result in the offending shooter’s ejection from the range.

While every participant is a safety officer, the assigned Posse Officials and Match Officials, as described in this document, are the ONLY persons who may judge a shooter whether on or away from the firing line.

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