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Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne - wsip.com.pl/

Reader’s Digest - www.digest.com.pl/

Wolters Kluwer Polska - wolterskluwer.pl

Grupa PWN - pwn.pl

Nowa Era - nowaera.com.pl

Świat Książki/Bertelsmann Media - swiatksiazki.pl

Wiedza i Praktyka - wip.pl

Grupa Edukacyjna MAC - mac.pl

Pearson Education - www.pearsoned.co.uk

Publicat - publicat.eu


Świat Książki / Bertelsmann Media (554 titles) – This company owns the biggest mail-order book club as well as a chain of bookshops. It publishes books by the most popular Polish authors (Manuela Gretkowska, Janusz Głowacki, Jerzy Pilch), but its entire list covers a broad range of titles. swiatksiazki.pl

Prószyński i S-ka (395 titles) – This firm has been active since 1990 and has successfully launched a large number of new authors of popular Polish literature. It also publishes some of the best-known science fiction and crime writers. proszynski.pl

Muza (275 titles) – Founded in June 1989, this firm publishes fiction and essays, and is a major buyer of foreign rights. It includes two other imprints, Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Literackie (“Warsaw Literary Publisher”) and Sport i Turystyka (“Sport and Tourism”), with their own editorial offices. In 1998 Muza was floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In 2008 Muza took a 50-per-cent share in Wilga, a publisher specialising in children’s books. www.muza.com.pl

Znak (258 titles) – Until 1989 this company mainly produced religious books by Catholic authors, but now it also publishes a number of leading literary writers. Since 2002, each year Znak has occupied first place on the bestsellers’ list featured in “Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI” (the leading journal for the bookselling industry) in terms of the number of titles listed. In 2005 it published the bestseller of the year, Memory and Identity by Pope John Paul II, which sold over 1.2 million copies. znak.com.pl

Rebis (244 titles) – This publishing firm has achieved success by continuously broadening its range. Fiction accounts for about 45 per cent of its output, but in recent years it has published an increasing amount of non-fiction, self-help books, popular science and history. Like the other publishers of fiction, it produces most of its books in extensive series. www.rebis.com.pl

Amber (228 titles) – Founded in 1989, this was one of Poland’s first private publishing companies. It achieved instant success by bringing world best-selling thrillers and science-fiction novels onto the Polish market. It owns rights to many US authors, and also publishes books that tie in with major film premieres. wydawnictwoamber.pl

Albatros (184 titles) – Founded in 2000, this company is known as a “bestseller factory”. It mainly publishes foreign bestseller authors such as Harlan Coben, Dan Brown (in cooperation with Sonia Draga Publishing), Stephen King, Joseph Heller, Ken Follett, Mario Puzo, Frederick Forsyth, Ian McEwan, and many others. albatros.krak.pl

Wydawnictwo Literackie (172 titles) – This firm publishes many leading Polish authors and promotes new titles by Polish and foreign writers. As well as serious literature it also publishes thrillers, crime novels and women’s romantic fiction. wydawnictwoliterackie.pl

W.A.B. (167 titles) – This is one of the fastest growing publishing firms. Although its list includes many well-known foreign authors, it mainly publishes Polish writers. It has promoted most of the new names in Polish literature. It sells a lot of translation rights (to almost 250 books since 2000), to the German, French, Russian, UK and Central European markets, and has also sold the Polish rights for dozens of film and theatre adaptations. wab.com.pl

Zysk i S-ka (149 titles) – Most of this company’s income is from fiction for adults. It also promotes Polish writers. It is one of the leading publishers of fantasy on the Polish market either. www.zysk.com.pl

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