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Аудирование, высказывание о Дне Святого Валентина, разгадывание пазла.

T. The next winter holiday is St. Valentine’s Day. It is very popular among young people.

P St.Valentine`s Day is not a legal holiday. Banks and offices do not close, but it is a happy little festival, especially for children and young people. It is celebrated among persons of all ages. A “valentine" means a special greeting card or a little present.  It may also be the person who receives the gift. The greeting cards are often colored, had a red trimmings and pictures of hearts. I`ve prepared a valentine card. Here it is. Here is a poem. I shall read it.

(зачитывает поздравления)

The day is a time to send little gifts to those you love. Flowers and candy are favourite presents which sweet hearts send each other. It is a favourite day for parties, especially by young people. The hosts trim the hall with red and white paper hearts. I’ve made a Love Potion Puzzle for St. Valentine’s Day. Can you guess it?

(отгадывание слов кроссворда"Любовного зелья" по плакату)


Аудирование рассказа о Мамином дне и ответ на вопросы.

T: Thank you. It`s very interesting. In spring Americans and English have some holidays too. The first is Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day in America come on the second Sunday in May. This is a day when Americans honour their mothers. Most mothers like to celebrate this day with the whole family.

P: Many people send their mothers a card or a gift. Some people take their mothers to a restaurant for dinner. It is the custom to carry a red or pink flower if one’s mother is dead. I’ve prepared a greeting card to my mother in English. Here it is.

(зачитывает поздравления)

T: You have heard that Americans honour their mothers in May. And when do English honour their mothers? Right you are.


Аудирование высказывания о Мапином дне и ответ на


T: Speaking about Mother’s Day we can’t forget about Father’s day though it is celebrated in June.

P: Father’s Day comes on the third Sunday in June. Many people send their fathers a card or a gift.  During the autumn, some colleges celebrate Dad’s Day. They honour their fathers among the members and friends of the college. I’ve prepared a card for my father.

(зачитывает поздравления)

T: Thank you, Marina. A very nice card. And when do we honour our fathers? Do we honour the boys on this day too? How do we honour them?


Аудирование рассказа о Пасхе и ответ на вопросы.

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