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T: Next spring holiday is Easter. Let’s speak about it. I’ve learned a poem about Easter.

P: Here are two or three jolly boys.

All of one mind.

We come a pace – egging

And hope you’ll be kind.

With your eggs and your bur

And will come no more pace – egging

Until the next year.

P: Easter is a church holiday. Easter marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  At Easter people buy new clothes to wear on Easter Sunday. There is a popular belief that wearing three new things on Easter will bring good luck in the year. After church services many people like to take walks down the streets in their new Easter hats and suits. This colourful procession of people dressed in bright new spring clothes is called the “Easter Parade”. Another custom is decorating eggs for children. I’ve prepared the wreath of Easter eggs. How bright they are!

T: Yes, they are really bright and beautiful. We can see some pictures on the eggs: candles, chicken, flowers. You are very imaginative. Olya, have you anything to add?

P: In many parts of the country eggs are hidden in the yards and the children believe the Easter rabbit comes and leaves the eggs for them. That’s why Easter candy is made in the form of eggs, little chickens and rabbits. Eggs are the symbol of new life. An old English custom is to roll hardboiled eggs down a hill. The last egg to break brings good luck to the one who has rolled it. I’ve made an Easter Bunny, who brings eggs and candy for children.

T: Thank you. The rabbit is so pretty! By the way when will Easter be this year? Who knows? Do we have Easter Bunny in our country? Of course, no. But by our tradition children go from house to house in the neighborhood and collect colored Easter Eggs. Do the children in your neighborhood collect eggs for Easter? Did you collect eggs on Easter? Did you collect eggs when you were small?

10.Аудирование высказываний о Хэлоуине и разгадывание пазла.

T: Let’s turn to autumn holiday Halloween Alesha, Vitya and Olya have prepared their project work on this theme.

P: Halloween is the day or evening before. All Saints` Day. Many Halloween stories and games are hundreds of years old. Then people believed in devils, witches and ghosts. Now most people do not believe in devils. Children often wear masks over their faces they carry baskets and bags. They go from house to house and knock on the door. They ring the bell. When people came to the door, the children say “Trick or treat,” meaning “Give us a treat or we’ll play a trick on you”/ People give the children sweets, cookies and apple. A favourite Halloween custom is jack – o -   lantern. The children scrape out a pumpkin and cut eyes, nose and mouth. They light a candle inside the pumpkin to scare their friends. They set jack – o – lantern in the windows.

I`ve prepared a word puzzle for you. Can you guess the words hidden here? .

(разгадывание слов)

P I’ve leaned a poem about Halloween. Listen.

P: I’ve got something to add. Some people in Britain are certain that if they put new shoes on a table, they will have bad luck. The English won’t kill a spider, especially the small red spider

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